10 Mistakes That Make Remote Working Fail & How You Can Avoid Them

For thousands of people around the world, gone are the days when going to work meant dressing up, enduring the horrible rush hour traffic and sitting for 8 hours within the confines of an office cubicle. More companies are switching to remote and distributed teams and more employees are finding themselves working in the comfort... Read more

Outsourcing 101: Frequently Asked Questions When Outsourcing Offshore Talent

For many business owners, outsourcing offshore talent is venturing to unknown territories – literally and figuratively. There are a lot of doubts. A lot of questions. A lot of what-ifs.   Fortunately, questions have answers, and fortunately for you, we’ve listed here the most frequently asked questions when it comes to outsourcing offshore talent. If... Read more

The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Outsourcers

THE 10 HABITS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL OUTSOURCERS While outsourcing remote workers is no rocket science, but it’s also no walk in the park. The physical distance, the lack of face-to-face communication, and even the time zone difference can post a number of problems in managing a remote team. If you’re a first-time outsourcer, you may... Read more

8 Important Things You Need To Know About Remote Workers

The Philippines was named the Offshoring Destination of the Year by UK’s National Outsourcing Association thrice. Undeniably, the country that was once a Commonwealth under the United States has risen as the top outsourcing destination in the world.   However, while outsourcing to the Philippines benefited countless of US business owners and companies, there are... Read more

The 7 Deadly Sins of Outsourcing to Other Countries

THE 7 DEADLY SINS OF OUTSOURCING TO OTHER COUNTRIES A lot has been said about what employers need to do in order to be successful outsourcers to other countries. Now, we want to give you a list of things that you absolutely need to avoid if you want to save yourself from headaches, heartbreaks, disappointments... Read more

Using Screen Capture to Track Your Remote Workers

USING SCREEN CAPTURE TO TRACK YOUR REMOTE WORKERS The use of screen monitoring programs to track employee activities is a highly debated topic in the outsourcing community. Some advocate it, some strongly oppose it, and some take a neutral position. If you’re a first-time outsourcer, you might be considering using a screen monitoring service for... Read more

Did You Hit A Jackpot? 8 Signs That a Remote Woker Is a Good Hire

Not all remote workers are created equal.   The Offshore virtual workforce is teeming with talented and competent individuals. However, there are still a lot of remote workers out there that – for the lack of a better term – are bad hires. Some are stubborn. Those that don’t follow instructions. Those who don’t double-check... Read more

Outsourcing Offshore Talent? Here Are The Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Let’s face it. The very nature of outsourcing makes it prone to miscommunication, ultimately because of the lack of physical contact between the employer and the employee. But this should not turn you off, since more and more companies are embracing remote work and remote teams. When done right, outsourcing to the Philippines can be... Read more

Should You Stop Outsourcing After One Too Many Bad Hires?

Someone who submits deliverables late. Check.   Someone who suddenly disappears without a word. Check.   Someone who said he can do things that he actually can’t. Check.   During your outsourcing journey, you may encounter some or all of these incidents, and you’ve probably experienced or heard worse things. The reality is, finding the... Read more

Paying Your Remote Workers

PAYING YOUR Remote workers They delivered the goods. They completed the hours. They did as they were instructed. Now, it’s time for you to pay them. The question is how. We know that this is a super elementary topic for some of you, especially if you already outsourced to remote workers in the past. However, this... Read more