How it Works for Employers

Searching resumes, posting jobs, filtering candidates and communicating with prospective employees through our optimized and efficient platform results in the most effective hires possible.

Search remote workers by skill

Find the right candidates faster with 14 primary categories to choose from with specific skills in each category to help you easily find the remote workers you are searching for. Furthermore our skill ranking system provides precise search results to fill roles more quickly.

Or post a remote job

Post your job on Outsourcely, the world's fastest growing talent pool marketplace and reach vetted candidates you can't find anywhere else. We'll automatically notify the best matching remote workers in our database so you get the most qualified applicants.

Filter candidates & applicants

Both the 'Search Remote Workers By Skill' and 'Post A Remote Job' features create a pool of viable candidates based on skills and level of expertise. The filter feature gives you the ability to further narrow your results by desired salary, work availability, English speaking and writing levels, location, previous work experience, employer rating, internet speed and verified previous employment. This helps ensure you are communicating with people that meet your specific requirements.

Real-time communication for interviewing candidates

Instant Private Chat

Connect with remote workers directly via instant private chat to initiate the conversation.

Live Video & Voice Interviewing

Get deeper insight to personality, soft skills and English speaking level with browser to browser live video or voice calling. No download required.

Video & Voice Messaging

Communicating with candidates via video and voice messaging helps add a level of character and deeper insight to your talent search screening.

Direct Email

Connect with remote workers directly via traditional email for simple communication.

Hire & pay remote workers directly

Outsourcely does not markup prices or take commission fees when you recruit talent. You are able to hire remote workers directly, pay your hires directly and work with them anyway you would like. This puts you in charge of how and where your remote team works, as well as how you pay them. Resulting in thousands of dollars in savings.
Find great talent. Hire directly. Pay zero commission fees.