Job Details
Amazon Account Manager / Operations Manager
Posted: 11/18/2020
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
We are a small virtual team operating a HIGH VOLUME, 7 figure supplement business, selling predominantly on ----------, slightly on our website. Currently looking for an Amazon Account Manager / Operations Manager to help take care of many areas of operations.
We pay the best to hire the best. If you are an ecommerce and/or Amazon beginner please do not apply.
Roles & Responsibilities:
The Account/Operations Manager will cover main operations of the account including, management of one customer service staff, inventory management, supplier management, listing creation and listing optimization, amazon seo and various other tasks including supporting promotional staff in executing promotions and misc advertising initiatives.
Job candidate must be a self-starter and able to work independently without supervision. The less meetings we have the better! You operate the account so we can BUILD the business!
Requirements & Qualifications:
Must-Have Qualifications;
  • 5+ years ecommerce experience
  • 5+ years Amazon experience
  • com experience
  • Broad Familiarity with operating an amazon account
  • Good brain for numbers and data
  • Ability/knowledge of Amz customer service to be able to manage staff
  • Positive attitude
  • Competitive spirit with an all-win mindset!!
Skill Sets Required;
  • Expert level at:
    • Keyword research and on-page Amazon SEO
    • Copywriting for Amazon product listing pages
    • Creation of Amazon product listings
    • Working with designers to develop optimized Amazon images
    • Using split test software to optimize best page content variations (ex. Like PickFu, Splitly or such)
    • Inventory management (keeping track of sku stock levels, forecasting, communicating with suppliers regarding shipments)
  • Minor areas of importance:
    • Category approval applications
Other beneficial experience:
  1. Our website is also used very little with over 90% of sales coming from ----------. Skill at either building an ecommerce website or working with web design team to build ecommerce site would be helpful.
  2. Expansion to ---------- and ---------- are being considered (pending tax advisory). Skill and/or experience in these sites may also be useful.
This role Does NOT involve PPC Advertising or Promotional/Ranking work. A dedicated team member handles the advertising and intensive SEO promotional efforts which are confidential.
You will be required to assist in execution of these strategies.
As the supplements market is extremely intensive with competition, these strategies are trade secrets not disclosed.
NDA must be signed to get the position.
Salary scale offered; $10-15 USD per hour depending on qualifications.
HOURS : Expected hours are 25 per week but may increase over the 2021 year to Full Time.
Probation period of 3 months. Performance review at 6. Full time position may be granted after that.
Work hours are flexible. Our team works remotely across various time zones with the head office being EST. Meeting times should take place a few times per week on an ad hoc basis. Typically being early morning or evening EST.
You are expected to be a self starter who will be given direction, objectives and not micromanaged. We are results oriented.
NOTE: Please submit any relevant portfolio examples with your application. These can be links to product pages you have built or simply the page content.
Skills Required:
Writing & Content
Communications Level 5
Copywriting Level 5
Content Writing Level 4
Sales & Marketing
Amazon Level 5
Account Management Level 4
Marketing Strategy Level 4
SEO Level 4
Programming & IT
Shopify Development Level 3
Web Development
Wordpress Level 3