Job Details
Posted: 12/16/2020
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are actively seeking for an upraising proofreader to edit written medical contents for our health blogs and website post.
The proofreader is responsible for checking the quality of all materials, for submission. He or she is an expert in English language, proficient in AMA editorial style , and can ensure grammatical and spelling accuracy in all materials produced.
A proofreader who has an exceptional eye for details, a proofreader with an astute ability to proofread and adhere to style guides. This person must possess exceptional spelling and grammar skills to ensure a high level of quality and accuracy to proofread labeling documents in all phases of the submission process, including multiple-document cross reads and SPL, for grammar, format, spelling, to ensure labeling conforms to regulations and internal guidelines.
Roles & Responsibilities:
You are expected to be able to perform the following essential duties and functions:
1. Read content and correct any errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
2. Check copy for readability, style, and agreement with editorial policy.
3. Suggest revisions to copy, such as changing words and rearranging content to improve clarity or accuracy.
4. Carry out research, confirm sources for writers, and verify facts, dates, and statistics using standard reference sources.
5. Collaborate with writers to ensure their ideas and stories succeed, while being mindful of the audience.
6. Ensure all client-facing communications are error-free and consistent with Snow standards.
7. Approve final versions of updated materials submitted by staff.
8. Involved in planning workflow processes for editing pieces.
9. Involved in setting standard timelines to complete different editorial jobs.
Requirements & Qualifications:
  • Experience:
    • Proofreading, 1 year (Preferred)
  • Education:
    • Bachelor's (Preferred)
      • Bachelor’s degree in English, journalism or communications
      • Experience working in Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reader preferred
      • Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently in person, on paper and through digital means
      • Ability to give thorough attention to many projects in a given day and turn them around quickly and efficiently
      • Ability to prioritize requests according to client deadlines and the effort required to meet those deadlines
      • Strong attention to detail
      • Exceptional organizational skills
      • Proactive and self-motivated
Skills Required:
Writing & Content
Proofreading Level 1
English Proofreading Level 1
Online Writing Level 1
Editing Level 1
Copy Editing Level 1
Administrative Support
Typing Level 1