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Content Writer/Marketing Associate
Posted: 12/28/2020
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
About the Company:
We are a group of companies involved in optometry, allied health, marketing, real estate, SaaS
technology, retail, and finance.

Our two flagship companies are Refocus Marketing - a marketing communications agency, and
Opticare - a lens, frames, and optical equipment provider. They both exclusively service independent optometrists throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our head office is in Inner West Sydney while our branches are located in Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

About this Job:
Our group believes in the role of content marketing in promoting the many businesses that we
support. Hence, we would like for a highly creative and experienced Content Writer/Marketing
Associate to join our team to help create outstanding and engaging content – both for online and
offline media platforms.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Roles & Responsibilities:
The main responsibility of the Content Writer/Marketing Associate is to write blog materials for our
businesses and clients. We would like to aim for three (3) 750-word blogs per week or two (2) 1,250-
word blogs per week. Depending on our business and client requirements, this weekly goal may
change allowing you to work instead on social media posts, case studies, PR releases and other media write-ups, product information sheets, web copy, EDMs, direct mails, newsletters, and other custom marketing materials needing texts and copy.

• You are expected to be adept in writing for the Australian market.
• You need to be able to ensure that all content produced for the different businesses that we
support are very well written and grammatically correct and that they are consistently in the
same style, tone and voice required by that business.
• You should be a writer who regards quality, originality, and value as your top priorities when
working on written materials.
• You should also have an inbound marketer’s mindset, so you write whilst considering our
overall inbound marketing goals.
• You have to be self-motivated, pro-active, results-oriented, time-conscious, organised, and
professional most especially because you will be working as part of a remote team.
• Lastly, the Content Writer/Marketing Associate should be able to assist the Marketing
Communications Manager/Head of Content in all other areas of digital marketing most
especially in the planning and execution of content marketing strategies.

We will need the successful candidate to work alongside the team based in Australia, ideally from 7 AM to 2 PM (Philippine time), daily. You have fixed weekends off. You may be allowed to change your schedule but only upon the approval of our Director.

Initially, the Content Writer/Marketing Associate will work part-time but can be full-time later on
after your evaluation or depending on business requirements. The number of hours required during
the evaluation is 20 hours per week. Excess hours after these time limits will have to be reviewed and approved by our Director before we process additional payment.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Requirements and qualifications:
1. 3 to 5 years of professional experience as a Content Writer/Creative
2. Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a related field, preferably Journalism, Marketing,
Communications, Public Relations, etc.
3. Proven content development experience across multiple communications channels.
4. High level of integrity, originality, confidentiality, & accountability.
5. Should be able to assist the Marketing Communications Manager and the Director in other
tasks that they may assign.
6. Is willing to submit a written entry based on our assigned topic.
**Interested applicants from all over the Philippines are welcome to send their application. **Be sure to send a comprehensive resume along with a cover letter. If you have a folio to show, please feel free to send as well.
Skills Required:
Writing & Content
Content Writing Level 4
Blogging Level 4
Website Content Level 4
Creative Writing Level 4
Business Writing Level 4
Research Level 3
Sales & Marketing
Social Media Marketing Level 3
Email Marketing Level 3