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Back-End Engineer Needed for Fast-Growing Single Page Web app (GraphQL, TypeScript, React, Kotlin)
Posted: 01/23/2021
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
*** Only Interested in Long Term Partnership with Individuals ***

Must have a working camera to start the interview process

Looking to build a long term business relationship with our partners. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning about building a small business. You won't be paid the most up-front for this job, there will be multiple people competing for limited seats, and you might not be a cultural fit, but all of this might be worth it because success means having a 100% remote full-time job working on a high growth website ---------- (Check it out and become one of our 5.1 million monthly active users). Please write our MAU number as the first part of a cover letter or your application will be ignored.

I'm Chris and co-founder of Scrolller. My partner and I have been working on this site for the last year together. It has been rewarding to see our bounce rate drop to ~21%, average session time double to ~8 mins, and our monthly page views explode 130% in the last couple of months.

It has been rewarding, but difficult especially without good software developers to share the work. If you are interested in working in a small team environment doing work that will affect millions of users please continue reading:

Roles & Responsibilities:
What does success look like?
The successful candidate is able to build on top of both our backend and frontend systems to implement monetization on ----------, reduce server-side costs, and be on call to solve any issues or outages.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Our website is a single-page web application built using React and TypeScript. Our back-end hosting system is built using Kotlin and GraphQL. Yes, we are open to making large changes like porting our infrastructure to another programming, but we need to build trust before we can OK a large migration.

I'm looking for people I can work with for the long term. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Skills Required:
Web Development
React Level 3
Database Level 3
Mobile Applications
React Native Level 3