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Hi Again, Kaibigan Ko! Work For You: Business Social Media Expert And Online Sales & Marketing Wizard.
Posted: 04/30/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Hello, kaibigan ko! I am contacting you to get You to contact me and apply for this job opening!
You see, at the moment, I have no idea what your name is, but I DO know the sort of person you are, and I know the sort of aspirations you most likely have in life.
I also know the strong work ethic you have, and that you want to get better and get better at your work.
You want more than just a JOB – you want a CAREER. I know that you want more training, and that you want to have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills. You want to work hard for a company and to care about the company, because the people at that company will in turn care about you.
Roles & Responsibilities:
I know that when we talk, you’ll be able to communicate with me effectively and with excellent English. And when we’re talking we’ll be able to discuss important things, like what you can expect from us, what we will expect from you, as well as things like your salary, benefits and career opportunities.
I know you may have already had a lot of experience, or perhaps maybe you’ve just completed some online training, but above all I know you have a driving ambition to be the BEST and to CREATE your life with the work you do. By the way, this is a permanent, full time position with a talented, passionate team of people. I know that that is important to you as well.  Ideally you have 2+ years as an Online VA with an English speaking country already (ex. USA, Canada, Australia, UK….etc.)…as your English needs to be quite good actually.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you are able to work undisturbed as you will be communicating constantly with our team, LIVE on Skype calls, so if you have little kids around, that is not ideal for us.
HERE’S WHERE IT GETS FUN! YOUR INTERVIEW CHALLENGES (THESE ARE Small Tasks that everyone has to complete):
To make sure that you are the right person, I have a series of small challenges for you, and everyone who participates will get a follow up from me personally! This is where it gets fun and you get to set yourself apart! (And knowing you, I’m sure you just got a little excited at the idea of a challenge!) The challenges all relate to the work you will be doing with us and involve using screen recording on your own computer, a speed typing test, expressing yourself in a short “story”, using excellent written English, and doing basic research. If you don’t yet know how to use Google Sheets, you will have to figure it out by Googling the answer or watching YouTube video tutorials - because I also know that you are very resourceful!
Requirements & Qualifications:
  1. Very Important: To Apply for this position, please reply in the Chat Window with the Words: “Yes, I am ready to proceed now Alf” If you don’t reply with that EXACT Message, then it is proof that you did not READ all the way through the Job description, which again means you are not detailed or suited for this position.
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Alf Marcussen
CEO and Owner
Larviks Investment Group LLC
Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Virtual Assistant Level 4
eCommerce Management Level 3
Social Media Management Level 3