Job Details
E-Commerce Operations Manager
Posted: 02/23/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a small E-commerce company with two websites. Similar products and same supplier on both websites. One is built with Magento, the other is Shopify. I am looking to remove myself, as owner, from the day to day operations. I will only be involved with the tech side of things and marketing. You will need to be able to work with limited supervision. We will use ---------- for time tracking and task management. Motivated, organized, honest, and reliable are the top qualities we are looking for.
If our customer support team does not know the answer to a question, you need to provide them with the answer that should be sent to the customer. The first task you will be assigned is getting familiar with our products and support system, reviewing closed ticket responses to learn, answering open tickets, etc. Then you will take over customer service completely, hiring and firing contractors as needed.
February through October we average around 20 new support tickets per day. November through January that average jumps to over 100, some days reaching 200 new support requests in a day. As such, reliability to be able to work during those 3 months is extremely important. Sometimes requiring more than 40 hours per week.
Once you have customer support under control, additional tasks will be assigned: Order processing with Excel, PayPal, and email, chargeback and claim response/management, escalation issues with supplier or customers, etc. Starting salary is $1,300 per month with increases up to $1,750 per month once I am no longer involved in the day to day operations.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Customer support management
  • Order processing
  • Chargeback and claim management
  • All day to day operations
Requirements & Qualifications:
  • Shopify experience
  • Magento experience desired but not required
  • 5+ years of customer support experience
  • 1+ years of management experience
  • Excel,  I will provide you with my macros for order processing
  • Chargeback and dispute resolution experience
Skills Required:
Customer Service
Customer Support Level 4
Shopify Support Level 3
Order Processing Level 3
Finance & Management
Operations Management Level 3
General Computer Skills
Microsoft Excel Level 2