Job Details
Looking for a front-end or full-stack developer to help me with personal projects
Posted: 04/23/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
I'm looking for a front-end or full-stack developer to help me with personal projects.
The front-end stack for the project I'm starting is webpack/vuejs/es6/less, the back-end stack is vert.x/java8.
Future projects may use other technologies, e.g. Flutter or React Native so someone willing to learn or with experience in various technologies is very welcome.
The way we would work together is: I'll spec a specific task in confluence explaining the user story. Provide some details with the task like the UI/UX (in adobe XD) technical details (communication protocol, REST API) if relevant.
Before starting a task we would discuss the change/feature - maybe get on a chat and do some pseudo code exercise together - and once we both agree on the plan, you can start with the task and submit the code for review (gerrit, git). Rinse and repeat.
I'll setup CI and infrastructure so you can focus on coding.
As we work more and more together, you may become more involved in the project(s) and if you are good and passionate about the applications we are building, you can take ownership and propose/spec the change yourself.
If we start working together and it works out well, I expect to build a long lasting relationship.
About me: I've been coding for ~20 years now. Mostly for financial services companies, building real-time services and financial applications (desktop, mobile and web).
Roles & Responsibilities:
front-end development, back-end development welcome but not a must since I can code the Web APIs.
Your role would be to implement all features for the first MVP and future milestones of the project.
Requirements & Qualifications:
I'm looking for someone that is passionate about building client facing interfaces and web applications. Someone smart, willing to learn every day and enjoy what we are doing.
Skills Required:
Programming & IT
Software Development Level 3
Software Architecture Level 3
Mobile Applications
App Development Level 3