Job Details
Sales Associate- Apac (100% Remote)
Posted: 05/03/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
About the Role
We’re looking for a Sales Associate to help organize and ensure the success of the entire Asia Pacific region. Thousands of companies in the area are reaching out to Time Doctor each month so that they can enable their team’s to work remotely and it’s only with you that we can take care of these customers.
Our team’s values are self defined as enabling each other, trusting and respecting each other, being solution focused, always persevering, and speaking with clarity and compassion - if you appreciate those values as well, please reach out.
This is an opportunity to have an impact on people’s lives and the environment as well as to give companies the tools they need to build a more diverse workforce. Every time a company can hire someone to work remotely means they can pull from more diverse cultural backgrounds, remove that person’s car from the road, and give them more time to spend with their family.
Roles & Responsibilities:
- Emailing clients and handle any necessary follow up communication on behalf of the Account Executive
- Keeping all information updated in the CRM (Hubspot) and any other area that needs to be updated.
- Research sales prospects to obtain contact information and business data
- Identify activities that move regional sales forward and proactively execute them
Requirements & Qualifications:
Required Skills and Experience
- Language: Fluency in English
- Working Hours: Able to work normal working hours in the APAC region
- Experience: 1-3 years experience in sales administration or sales support 
- Organized: This role depends completely on your ability to be organized. You can keep information up to date, put it in the appropriate places, and have a systematic approach.
- Listening Skills: Your ability to listen to a conversation and translate that into needs, actions, and to do’s is critical.
- Perseverance: You’re able to have many items to be able to get accomplished in a short period of time and get them done.
- Quick Task Switching: The team is in growth mode, which means you may need to switch between research, follow-ups, internal communication, chat, and email.
- The Ability to Handle Ambiguity: You thrive in an environment where something may not be easy to find and directions are given at a high level.
- Work from Home: You have a fast internet connection, a place to work without distractions, and are comfortable working from home.
- Communication: We’re a 100%-remote team, so being able to communicate clearly, proactively, and in multiple ways (video, text, Zoom, etc.) is key.
- Curiosity: You’re the kind of person who always asks “Why?” You’re a delight to talk to at parties because you engage people with questions and want to learn more. This is important so that you come into this role with a deep curiosity about verticals, events, products, and competitors while keeping a finger on the pulse of changes.
For your application to be considered, please send a cover letter about your interest in this job together with your answers to these questions:
1. Tell me about a time when you had to solve a customer problem with your own initiative.
2. If there were 10 things to do, how would you prioritize what gets done?
3. Can you work full time in Asia Pacific business hours?
4. In your local currency, what would be your expected monthly salary for this job?
5. Please attach your updated CV and resume
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Market Research Level 5
Constant Contact Level 4
Data Analytics Level 4
Telemarketing Level 4
Writing & Content
Sales Writing Level 5
Sales Letters Level 5