Job Details
Graphic/Web Designer/Wordpress developer
Posted: 05/13/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Provide all forms of creative web design including but not limited to WordPress websites, landing pages, UX/UI design and other design requirements as required using best practice responsive designs that are optimised for speed of loading particularly on Mobile devices. May also be required to do brochures, flyers, landing pages, logos etc.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Take instruction from the Project Manager as to the scope, form, and functionality of the design required.
• General design tasks to include websites, landing pages, booklets, brochures, flyers, business cards etc.
• Creating simple websites using WordPress templates and applying standard CSS practices.
• Research and Select the most appropriate WordPress template that will deliver the intended design and functionality.
• Research any plug-ins required to deliver specific functionality required.
• Design and develop the website consistent with the scope.
• Use responsive design techniques so that the site is able to be viewed on Mobile devices.
• Optimise the site for speed of loading with particular emphasis of Mobile devices.
• Daily review of all managed websites and apply software and security updates as required and carefully check for any unintended changes.
• Develop an understanding of Project Budgets and deliver in full and within timeframes.
• Apply a high level of attention to detail to the design and population of content.
• Record time in ConnectWise with issued tickets from Projects and one-off incidences.
• Apply changes to designs as required by clients or the project manager.
• Knowledge of Plesk, Hosting Controller or other control panel software will be an asset.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Includes the following, KPI’s to be detailed and agreed during Quarterly performance review.
1. Meet project tasks/service tasks within allocated timelines
2. Reduce the number of re-work based on brief/scope to be under 10% of total tasks
3. Complete assigned training within allocated timeframes.
4. Complete and submit time sheets by COB on the Monday following the previous work week.
Skills Required:
Design & Multimedia
Graphic Design Level 4
Web Design Level 4
Programming & IT
Shopify Development Level 4
Website Management Level 3
Web Development
Wordpress Level 4
CSS Level 3
Sales & Marketing
Google Website Optimizer Level 3
Mobile Applications
App Development Level 3
Mobile Development Framework Level 3
Writing & Content
Website Content Level 3