Job Details
Server Manager And Website Maintenance Manager
Posted: 11/30/2023
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are looking for experienced skilled server manager and website maintenance manager to join our team. start off as part time and moving to full time after period of time. having a track record and showing troubleshooting skills. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
Must be able to solve problems using own initiative and experience.

1. Server

you will manage two WHM servers with multiple websites on each of them.
first server is for all live websites and second is for development area.
there are multiple maintenance tasks to do on the server:
Managing the space, the backups of the websites, restoring the backups if  something goes wrong, managing the emails quota, create email account on the cPanels, moving websites from one server to the other server, installing SSL certificates, updating php versions and the server, also managing the google sheets with the cPanel, mail and website credentials.

2. Website maintenance

This will consist on updating the themes, plugins, php versions and Wordpress of the websites. Few other websites are Shopify or Prestashop that will also need maintenance, but most of them are Wordpress. Check that the forms and functionality of the website are working, there is no spam and the functionality is working correctly

Small PHP, Javascript and Jquery skills are required to troubleshoot errors on the websites in case something goes wrong.

You will also have to check emails where you will receive notifications about the website and server status
Requirements & Qualifications:
3 years experience on CMS, cPanel, managing emails and some knowledge in PHP, JS and jQuery to debug problems.
Skills Required:
Web Host & Server Management
Managing Servers Level 5
cPanel Level 5
Web Development
MySQL Database Level 4
jQuery Level 4
CSS Level 4
HTML Level 4
Javascript Level 4
PHP Level 4
Wordpress Level 4
Ajax Level 3