Job Details
Senior Backend Developer
Posted: 06/09/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Looking for intermediate to senior candidate. Job is long-term, at least six months, and will be at least 30 hours per week. 
You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
  1. What is your favorite dependency injection library?
  2. How many programming languages have you learned and experimented with?
  3. Have you ever worked following TDD (test-driven development)?
  4. What is your flexibility to be around during a Saturday crisis?
  5. What is the most amazing project you have worked on?
Roles & Responsibilities:
Senior backend developer (Fintech platform):

- 3+ years of production backend experience.
- Fintech experience is a plus.
- Kotlin codebase (no need to be a seasoned Kotlin developer, just eagerness to learn).
- PostgreSQL database.
- Microservices architecture.
- Linux baremetal/VMs (no cloud service such as AWS).
- Fully remote with great availability through work communication software.
- Willingness to learn and grow while also helping others learn and grow.
- Docker / Kubernetes knowledge is a plus.
- Ethereum network / smart contracts knowledge is a plus.
- Market-making algorithms / crypto trading knowledge is a plus.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Potential candidate for the job must be willing to learn and grow while working with a team and helping others learn and grow. 
Skills Required:
General Computer Skills
Team Player Level 4
Problem Solving Level 3
Programming & IT
Linux Level 3
PostgreSQL Programming Level 3
Algorithm Development Level 3
Test Driven Development Level 3
Virtual Machine Level 3