Job Details
Full Stack Developer (part-time)
Posted: 07/14/2022
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
We are a B2B organisation that provides service and support to independent optical professionals throughout Australia, with offices in Perth, Brisbane, and our head office located in Inner West Sydney. We manufacture optical lenses as well as supply our clients with: frame + lens packages, instruments, marketing services and have developed our own software solution for practices.
We are also currently developing the SaaS version of our old desktop-based Practice Management System for Independent Optometrists. It is called Ocelot and you can find more information about it here: ----------.
We have already started development using Python (Django), Angular JS, and PostgreSQL. We need someone who can assist in the backend work needed to develop the rest of the modules and then complete the remaining modules.
Roles & Responsibilities:
We are then looking for a highly skilled and highly motivated mid to senior-level developer who has 5+ years of experience in Laravel, PHP, and Vue. Experience in building a SaaS is preferred. Experience in building medical or health-related software or website apps is an advantage.

You should also be willing to take a programming test first with us.
Requirements & Qualifications:
If you are interested, kindly send your proposal/cover letter along with your resume and your answer to these questions:
  1. How many years of experience do you have in using PHP?
  2. How many years of experience do you have in using Laravel?
  3. How about using Vue?
  4. What is the biggest project that you have handled? Tell us about the nature of the project, the company that you have built it for, if you worked with other developers or developed it alone, links or screenshots that will help us evaluate it.
  5. How many tables did you use in this project?
  6. Do you have experience in building a SaaS?
  7. Are you familiar with the Amazon AWS platform?
  8. Are you willing to do a test with us?
We are looking for someone who can spend 30 hours or more per week with us, initially for 1 to 3 months. If we are happy with the output, we can increase the number of hours or extend the project contract

We prefer someone who is highly responsive and contactable. If you can work alongside us or at least meet us for a few hours during our working hours which is 9AM - 6PM Sydney time, then that is a plus. We need weekly reports/meetings to discuss your progress and we need you to follow a strict sprint/task plan.
This is a fully remote job. We accept applications from Philippine-based candidates only. For those who are interested, you may send your application to ---------- or through this page: ----------.
Skills Required:
Web Host & Server Management
AWS Level 4
Programming & IT
Laravel Level 4
PostgreSQL Programming Level 4
Web Development
PHP Level 4