Job Details
Business Manager For Growing Real Estate And Hospitality Company
Posted: 09/07/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a growing real estate and hospitality management company seeking a dedicated full-time Business Manager / General Manager. You will oversee a team of 7+ virtual employees responsible for Operations, Marketing, IT, and Finance. You will report to the CEO/Founder of the company who is an experienced business owner studying at Harvard University, and formerly a CPA.
$7-8/hour + Holiday bonus + Performance bonus + Rate reconsideration every 6 months. 

SHIFT: 9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday, with off-hour check-in meetings required 1-2 times on weeknight and weekend shifts. Estimated hours per week: 50 hours.
1) Give 2-3 sentences summarizing your experience in general management and supervising staff.
2) Send a voice sample introducing yourself and mention "Voyage Management"
3) Provide resume.
4) Confirm you are OK with the shift and rate range.
5) How have you improved operations at other companies? What quantified impact did they have? 
6) As you analyze current processes, what information do you look at? How do you identify problems and solutions?
7) How many clients do you currently work with? What work do you do for them? Will you keep any?
9) Will you work from home, an office, or an Internet café?
10) Describe your alternative place to work in case of an issue preventing you to work at home?
11) What is your internet speed (download and upload speed)? What type of internet is it (Coax, fiber, antenna)? Please share a speedtest screenshot. 
12) What backup internet do you have (if you have): 
13) What computer do you use (model and year). What is your backup computer (if you have one)? 
14) Do you have any real estate or hospitality experience?

15) What tools do you like to use for team or project management? 
16) Are you OK with TimeDoctor recording software (to monitor your time and your work)?
Roles & Responsibilities:
- Supervise staff across two shifts (9am-4pm EST and 4pm-11pm EST, 7 days a week), and ensure they are productive during their shifts.
- Make important policy, planning, and strategy decisions.
- Hold staff accountable for their roles.
- Create project plans, define scope of work, create deadlines, and follow through on completion of tasks.
- Promote a culture of high performance and work ethic.
- Be initial contact for the staff to help them handle issues in Operations, Marketing, and Technology.
Requirements & Qualifications:
I seek someone that can demonstrate verifiable experience in general business management, is a great communicator, and possesses the skills and toolsets for general and project management. 
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
- 5+ years experience in management, operations, and leadership.
- High attention to detail
- Consistency in performance and execution
- Flexibility and availability in schedule, to oversee the various shifts.
Skills Required:
Finance & Management
Operations Management Level 5
Management Skills Level 5
Business Management Level 3
Business Services
Project Management Level 4