Job Details
Backend Developer ( Full Stack Programmer Nodejs Mongodb)
Posted: 09/07/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a game company hiring mobile app, backend, and full stack programmers.
If you have real experience building 
a) backend systems (eg: Laravel PHP projects, server side logic, chatbots, multiplayer games, NodeJS projects)
b) mobile app frontend (Swift/Kotlin)
c) mobile real-time backend systems (NodeJS + VueJS + MongoDB + JWT) you're highly encouraged to apply. 
Location: Remote ( GMT+8 or GMT+7 )
- In your application, please send samples of your past relevant projects (URLs). We evaluate all projects very seriously.
- We're looking for technical and creative programmers who have real industry experience
Roles & Responsibilities:
Example tasks that we will give you include
- Maintaining an existing Laravel PHP application for one of our extended web properties
- Building microsites on AWS
- Building iOS apps using Swift or React- Building Android apps using Android Studio
- Writing user authentication modules (eg: email/facebook login)- Designing simple backend systems (eg: simple servers with databases) uses NodeJS and VueJS
- Assisting with our backend MMORPG efforts- Designing simple user interfaces using native app language
- Building simple gamification systems (eg: badges) that are linked in a backend system
- Adjusting/optimizing old Cordova/CapacitorJS codebasesAnd many more 
Requirements & Qualifications:
The candidate should:
1) Know responsive backend programming in at least 3 different languages (PHP, Python and NodeJS),
2) Know how to build lightweight backend applications that run well (avoid overcomplicating the architecture)
3) Know mySQL and MongoDB very well
4) Have done projects related to Digital Ocean and AWS
5) Be able to communicate well in English (written and verbal)
6) Interest in casual games (since we're a primarily a game company)
7) Ability to self-teach and troubleshoot8) Able to test the code that you wrote 
Most importantly, we're looking for candidates who fit our company culture, are fast learners, and extremely motivated. Everything else is secondary. 
Bonus points for
- any game programming-related experience (2D/3D) will be very useful (we may ask you to help design mini game experiences if there's demand)
- server side and database design- web development/agency experience (eg: able to build microsites)
- knowledge of pushing/deploying cloud based applications (eg: Amazon, Digital Ocean, Google App Engine) 
In your application, please send samples of your past backend project URLs. We evaluate all projects very seriously.
Skills Required:
Software Development
Swift Development Level 1
Programming & IT
Node.js Level 1
MongoDB Level 1
Mobile Applications
iOS Level 1
Android Level 1
Web Development
PHP Level 1
HTML Level 1