Job Details
Accountant/Book-Keeper And Finance Analyst For Real Estate Company
Posted: 09/09/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a growing real estate and hospitality company seeking to hire a full-time accountant/book-keeper to perform our book-keeping, budgeting, analyzing real estate deals, and creating financial forecasts. The book-keeping system will be QBO. The financial files will be in Excel. Your supervisor will be a former CPA who understands accounting and finance, and will expect to work with an analytic thinker with excellent communication skills, and an advanced understanding of accounting and finance concepts.

SHIFT: 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday
TARGET RATE: $4-5/hour depending on experience
Please message us the following:
  1. Are you OK with the shift and hourly rate?
  2. Please send one or more real-life examples of your work (excel file preferred, as detailed as possible). Take out company/contact info and change some of the numbers to keep it private.
  3. Please send a voice note introducing yourself and mention "Voyage Management"
Roles & Responsibilities:
Example responsibilities:
- Book-keeping: Perform routine book-keeping for monthly, quarterly, and annual close. Track each property by class. Issue 1099s. Research transactions for its purpose. Setup book-keeping automations for efficiency.
- Evaluate investments: Perform due diligence, research, and analysis of target investments. Calculate expenses, ROI, IRR, etc.
Requirements & Qualifications:
- Great English written and phone communication
- Prior experience working in QBO
- Great Excel skills
Skills Required:
Business Services
Accounting Level 5
Bookkeeping Level 5
Finance & Management
Financial Reporting Level 3
Financial Analysis Level 3