Job Details
Customer Service Representative
Posted: 10/10/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
1. Takes care of the customer service side of the business, get feedback from customer and maintain relationship with customers. 
2. Has an American passport and is a United States citizen. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Takes care of the customer and maintain relationship with them. 
2. Provide assistance to customer regarding the purchasing process, answering questions about product information and introduction, and also answering simple technical questions.
3. Answer questions coming from the chatbot on the company website. 
4. Answering phone calls from customers. 
Requirements & Qualifications:
1. Has to be an American citizen with a United States passport. 
2. Has customer service experience for 2 years. 
3. Having customer service experience in the IT industry is a plus. 
Skills Required:
Customer Service
Customer Support Level 3
Phone Support Level 3
Chat Support Level 3