Job Details
Content Developer
Posted: 10/25/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Hello soon-to-be teammate! CrewBloom is currently looking to expand our global team by adding a full-time Content Developer to their team. As one of our lead Content Developers, you'll find the most valuable pieces of our client's existing content and break it down into easy-to-digest social media assets. If you're confident in your modern digital marketing and writing skills please read on!
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Create content strategies for the organization
  • Write creative and unique content as well as come up with innovative ideas
  • Follow all SEO practices while producing content
  • Write technical content for organization products and services
  • Perform precise keyword research
  • Stay up to date with various methods to create engaging and attractive content
Requirements & Qualifications:
Required Skills & Experience
    • Degree in Marketing, Journalism, Mass Communication
    • Professional experience working as a Content Developer, Content Strategist, Content Creator, or a similar position
    • A portfolio of publications
    • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, or WordPress
    • Working experience in Copywriting or Graphic Designing will be an advantage
    • Hands-on knowledge of SEO updated
    • Ability to work in teams as well as independently as and when required
    • Impeccable written and verbal communication skills
System Requirements
    • At least 15mbps main internet and at least 10mbps for backup
    • A desktop or laptop that has an i5 processor with at least 4 GB RAM and an i3 processor for backup
    • Note: Back-ups should still be able to function when there is a power interruption
    • A webcam
    • Noise-canceling USB Headset
    • Quiet, Dedicated Home Office
    • Smartphone
Skills Required:
Writing & Content
Content Writing Level 3
Copywriting Level 3
Article Writing Level 3
Creative Writing Level 3
Business Writing Level 3
Article Rewriting Level 3
English Punctuation Level 3
Online Writing Level 3
Editing Level 3