Job Details
Director of Growth
Posted: 11/24/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Silver Lining is looking for a proven professional who cares about small businesses and is looking for a full-time, long-term remote job with a fun and fast-growing company. You would be joining our global Business Development team - focused on helping small business owners from around the world sign up for our behavior change small business growth program - and then- helping them actually stick with the program and hit their goals! Must love conversations, global business, performance, and behavior change science and hustle!
Roles & Responsibilities:
Deal Management
  • Use CRM to manage all active Deals including notes after every interaction with the potential partner 
  • Manage all outbound outreach, calls, emails and communication with potential partners through the Deal cycle
  • Take lead on driving the active deal to close - ultimate responsibility for closing deals and hitting minimum conversion rates
Proposal & Agreement Writing
  • Understand the SLAP Program, pricing and customization options 
  • Understand the unique needs of each partner and create custom proposals and agreements to ensure the SLAP Program they are buying meets the needs of their organization and the small businesses that they serve
  • Be ready to do demos and presentations to larger groups and stakeholders as part of the closing process 
Relationship & Program Management
  • Upon signing a partnership deal, manage all elements of the relationship and the implementation of what has been sold, including but not limited to:
  • Working with Finance team to get paperwork and invoicing in place 
  • Working with Comms team to get launch materials prepared for the partner
  • Working with the rest of the SLAPxperience team (customer success) to ensure they are briefed and ready to support the small businesses that will get a SLAP based on this partnership
Team Collaboration and performance management 
  • As the program that has been sold is rolled out, monitor its performance to ensure that the program is working as we promised it would when sold
  • Work with the entire SLAPxperience team to ensure that every small business owner in the program(s) are doing well
  • Work with the SLAPxperience team to manage any escalations or issues that arise at the individual small business level and the partner level
  • Work with the partner to address any challenges that happen during the program
Team Management 
  • Manage a group of SLAPmanagers (2-3 seniority levels) and drive performance through all levels of the SLAPxperience team
  • Ensure that all direct reports are managing their teams effectively
Reporting, Analysis & Optimization 
  • Monitor the trends, patterns, success and challenges of each individual Partner/Program sold and all of them collectively
  • Create monthly partner reports for all active partners and hold partner meetings to review, discuss and optimize
  • Create bi-annual Impact Reports for all active partners and review with partners and their stakeholders to drive learning, program optimization and to upsell the partner on program growth and new opportunities 
Requirements & Qualifications:
Qualifications - Mandatory
  • MUST HAVE: Experience with franchises, economic development agencies and/or financial institutions
  • 10+ years in sales, business development and relationship management 
  • Proven experience selling to executive level leaders
  • History of selling programs and services with a value of over $50,000 USD
  • A strong "closer" with the ability to build good relationships with senior level leaders, understand their needs and build custom proposals and agreements 
  • Professional level written English
  • Able to lead a team of up to 40 people
Qualifications - Bonus
  • Experience working virtually and doing all business development remote 
  • Experience preparing proposals, agreements and reports
  • Previous P&L responsibility for at least 1M$ in revenue 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and listening skills
  • The ability to explain complex information clearly and simply
  • Good sales and negotiation skills
  • Attention to detail for internal systems and external proposal and contract preparations
  • Strong relationship challenges resolution skills
  • Good mathematical, financial, and computer skills
  • Plenty of drive, initiative, and motivation, self-motivator
  • An empathetic, honest and trustworthy manner
  • The ability to analyze and research information
  • Data-driven decision making 
$60,000 - $80,000 USD depending on seniority and experience
Commissions on closed sales
  • Paid vacation and sick days
  • Performance based bonuses
  • Company-wide profit sharing scheme
  • Maternity/Paternity leave
We are on a mission to change the economy. When we build more profitable/sustainable small businesses we impact kids who can get quality education, people who can get quality jobs, investments being made into local communities, and the global economy. We have worked with over 10,000 small businesses in 12 countries since we started in 2005. Our SLAPmethodology, based on behavior change science, has been built based on thousands of interviews and learnings from real small business owners. SLAP helps small business owners get clarity on their business model, set clear impact and financial growth goals, build a plan to hit those goals, and then we give them all of the accountability, resources, training, and support to ensure that they follow through, develop long term success habits and actually succeed. We are proud to have partnered with organizations such as Google, HP, Intuit, Staples, and Citrix. Our work has been featured in the New York Times, Tech Crunch, Forbes, and more
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Sales Level 4
Account Management Level 3
Finance & Management
Business Development Level 4