Job Details
Director, Silver Circle
Posted: 11/26/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Silver Lining is looking for a proven professional who cares about small businesses and is looking for
a full-time, long-term remote job with a fun and fast-growing company. You would be joining our
Global team - focused on helping small business owners from around the world sign up for our
behavior change small business growth program - and then- helping them actually stick with the
program and hit their goals! The key to the role is being a fun individual that creates and manages great connections with all the people.

The Silver Circle is the collective term for all stakeholders within Silver Lining’s ecosystem. This
comprises clients, Partners, Strategists, and anyone else who would be part of small businesses
worldwide. This is a FUN position where you get to engage with and meet small business owners
and people from all over the world. The Silver Circle is all about community and content and
enriching the lives of everyone in it.
Roles & Responsibilities:

Build & Grow Silver Circle Global Network Strategy
● Own the big vision for creating a global network of values aligned small business owners
and advocates who want to support each other and create a more just economy for all.
● Own a programming calendar that integrates all activities and all stakeholders across the
Silver Circle
● Own the Silver Circle Goals for Connection, Engagement and Activation
● Work deeply with the SLAPX Team to ensure that the Silver Circle activities meet the needs
of the SLAPsters and Partners we support and serve
● Work deeply with the Strategy Team to ensure that SLAPcenter features align with the
goals of engagement, connection and activation and that the SLAPstrategists are very
engaged and used as a key resource for expertise and opportunities curated and
programmed by the Silver Circle
● Work deeply with Comms to ensure that very strong stakeholder management and a clear
and concise communication plan is in place for all members of the Silver Circle

Manage Silver Circle Connect
● Live Connects - manage a series of Live Connects every month that bring our Silver Circle
together in various ways (ie, by Location, by Industry, by Topic, by Need etc)
● Custom Connects - create connections between the Silver Circle stakeholders to help them
meet and succeed together
● Tech-enabled Connect Functionality - own the vision and work with Product team to
implement an always optimizing tool that allows for our entire global network to connect
with each other in order to support each other and do business together

Manage SLAPschool
● 3x a Year Silver Summits - manage all event logistics for 3 virtual Silver Summits each year
(Jan, May and Sept) including marketing strategy, programming, logistics, driving
attendance in partnership with Comms, day of management, follows up etc
○ Free Resources for Small Businesses - manage the process of turning all content
from the Silver Summit into a Special SLAPschool Series available in SLAPcenter
and on our free Resources page
○ New Connecting Campaigns - turn all relevant content into Connecting Campaigns
to go live into SLAPschool
● SLAPschool Live - manage a calendar of 14 SLAPschool Live events each month including
all "expert" confirmations and logistics, managing the sessions themselves and ensuring we
are providing the highest quality expertise for our SLAPsters
● Connecting Campaigns - create Connecting Campaigns and collaborate with stakeholders
from our global network to put together new Connecting Campaigns available in
● SLAPster Shares - collect "SLAPster Shares" from existing SLAPsters which outline how they
have used SLAP to grow their businesses, edit the content and upload into SLAPschool for
peer learning purposes

Manage SLAPworld
● Contests, Promotions & Gamification - ideate, curate and implement campaigns that drive
SLAPster engagement by giving them the opportunity win profile and/or prizes based on
good "SLAP behaviour"
● Opportunities for SLAPsters from global network - bring opportunities from our global
partners to the SLAPsters in creative ways
● SLAPster Offers - curate offers from SLAPsters and create the campaigns, programs and
functionality to ensure SLAPsters buy from each other, creating economy and helping them
all hit their goals

Activate Silver Circle Members to create a Groundswell for Global Impact
● Thank You Small Business - Global Movement to celebrate and support small business
○ Activate the Silver Circle to support TYSB
■ Identify Silver Circle Members to become TYSB Champions
■ Identify Silver Circle Members to be TYSB Tour SMB Sponsors
■ Identify Silver Circle Members to get VIP access to TYSB
■ Activate SLAPsters to use the TYSB resources available
■ Activate Partners to become TYSB Champions
● Impact5X - Global Commitment to Economic Justice
○ Activate the Silver Circle to become Impact Champions
○ Activate the Silver Circle to support the Impact5X small businesses
Requirements & Qualifications:

Qualifications - Mandatory
● Minimum of 5-7 years of experience in Community Building/Management
● Experienced in content design and creation
● Proven track record of implementing projects that drive client interactions
● Experienced in project managing and relationship managing company stakeholders
● Experienced in Event Management (in particular, online and virtual events)
● Strong understanding of marketing and communications - with incredibly strong written
English / editing skills

● Perfect verbal and written communication and listening skills
● Excellent stakeholder relationship management skills
● Excellent presentation skills (Powerpoint, Reports, etc..), written and verbal
● Attention to detail
● Plenty of drive, initiative, and motivation, self-motivator
● Top-notch project management
● Bonus: Confident public speaker

● $2,500 - $5,000 USD/month depending on seniority and experience.

● Paid vacation and sick days
● Performance-based bonuses
● Company-wide profit-sharing scheme
● Maternity/Paternity leave
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Relationship Management Level 4
Writing & Content
Communications Level 4
Business Services
Project Management Level 4