Job Details
Homecare Agency Manager - Nyc Hours
Posted: 01/11/2022
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a home care agency based in NYC focused on providing in home care for seniors through home health aides 
We need assistance to support (i) scheduling (ii) client issues (iii) making sure people arrive on shifts on time (iv) troubleshooting problems (v) reviewing care plan reviews (vi) recruiting
Roles & Responsibilities:
We serve on any given day up to 100 clients and have over twice that in caregivers serving them
This is multidisciplinary in the sense that there are components involving
1) Help scheduling shifts
2) Time Shift Tracking
3) New client inquiries
4) Client care issues for elderly seniors
5) HR issues 
6) Recruiting
Requirements & Qualifications:
  1. Experience in homecare (RN is a plus)
  2. Experience in homecare staffing a plus
  3. Understanding of the mission statement of Home Instead (see ----------)
  4. 100% understanding of the schedule we need and the ability to meet this schedule permanently without any exceptions
  5. Very good phone skills
  6. Ability to multi-task and be self sufficient
Skills Required:
Customer Service
Phone Support Level 1
Email Support Level 1
Customer Support Level 1