Job Details
Sales Manager
Posted: 01/13/2022
Position: Freelance
About This Job:
Hello there everyone. We are looking for representatives who could sell our products in their community with a huge benefit of each deal.
We are going to show you all that you will need and discuss details about how to sell.

and as a startup project, we got very good popularity for now. and we want you to be part of that.
Roles & Responsibilities:
for the position of representative:
Age from 25 to 45 years.
Experience in sales from 2 years.
Experience in the crypto industry is desirable.
Requirements & Qualifications:

- be able to establish business communication;
- be able to be persuasive;
- be resistant to stress, quickly navigate in stressful situations;
be able to master new knowledge qualitatively;
-Knows how to ask the right questions and respond in a timely manner to the answers received.
- Confident PC user
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Lead Generation Level 2
Sales Level 2
Marketing Level 2
Finance & Management
Business Management Level 2