Job Details
Appointment Setting
Posted: 01/13/2022
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
The job entails calling people from a provided list and giving feedback via a shared google sheet. We call companies mostly transportation and warehouse workers. The goal is to schedule a 10-15 minute demo presentation of our platform.
Roles & Responsibilities:
As an appointment setting representative, you will have the unique opportunity to build our company’s brand and customer loyalty. Your skillset will be heavily utilized to expand business operations, recognize and realize potential partners and investors and develop organizational initiatives. Whether you are presenting an exciting and persuasive presentation, undertaking lead generation efforts or researching current trends to better understand the market, this position provides you with the chance to develop and strengthen your leadership, customer service, sales and communication skills
Requirements & Qualifications:
You will be required to make outbound phone calls and enter data to a spreadsheet from phone calls.
Speak English fluently and be a good salesperson. 
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Telemarketing Level 3
Sales & Lead Generation Level 3
Administrative Support
Data Entry Level 3