Job Details
Flexible Account Manager With Digital Marketing Experience
Posted: 05/25/2022
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
Suggested salary is approximate. You would be considered an independent contractor, so this is technically a retainer. It will be more or less depending on your experience and skillset - because that will affect how much work we can give you.
We are in need of help with account management. The preferred goal would be to hire someone who can run my company starting in the next year or two. That would obviously pay much more. Plenty of upward mobility potential.
Work is entirely remote. We are based in EST/EDT. We need someone who is proactive and organized. Great communicator. Patient and understanding with clients. Social chameleon with clients. Business-minded. Availability of roughly 9-5 hours M-F in EST. (if you have fewer hours we are flexible within this range)
We are a small internet marketing company that will turn 10 years old in December 2022. We are a woman-owned, predominately woman-powered and progressive leaning business. Our company culture is relaxed, but deadline-oriented.
In your response, please share what your dream job/career would look like.
Thank you for your time!
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Account management tasks. Pick up the phone when clients call (or call them back within 3ish hours, as long as it's a business day). Sometimes clients prefer texting or messaging within their internal apps. A variety of communication platforms may be used.
  • Help keep the team organized with efficient and effective communication between team members who need to complete tasks or edits for clients. Use of Gsuite, Gdrive, and Asana.
  • Team members are all remote, so some flexibility in responding to an occasional text or FB message may be beneficial.
  • We often play therapists for our clients. This is a big reason why they choose us. Your social skills and ability to think on your feet are extremely important.
Requirements & Qualifications:
  • We often play therapists for our clients. This is a big reason why they choose us. Your social skills and ability to think on your feet are extremely important.
  • Reliable computer, phone, and internet all required. This is a fully remote job.
  • Need to be in Eastern time or reasonably close.
  • Need to be flexible with clients.
  • Need to be business-minded. Don't answer questions in a way that could hurt the business itself. If you see opportunity for growth with an existing client, then offer it. If you see opportunity for something to improve, then share it with the team. Be proactive.
  • Keeping clients happy means we all keep our awesome remote jobs. ;) Making them even happier means we all get raises. That is ultimately what business-minded means.
  • Experience with digital marketing - whether it is SEO, web design, written content development, PPC, graphic design, email marketing, marketing automation, etc - is a HUGE plus.
  • Experience with tools such as Gmail/Gsuite, Gdrive, Asana, Microsoft 365, Toggl, etc is also a plus.
  • Ability to handle a fast-paced and evolving environment. Clients' perception is everything.
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Social Media Marketing Level 2
SEO Level 2
Internet Marketing Level 2
Account Management Level 2
Administrative Support
Office Admin Level 2