Job Details
Junior Developer needed for Full Stack Development
Posted: 07/15/2022
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
I'm a Senior Developer and former Microsoft employee, looking for an junior developer to help me out with some of my day to day work. I am looking for someone who is a fast learner and is willing to tackle multiple programming languages if needed. Strong programming skills are a must, but previous experience is not required.

Roles & Responsibilities:
If we're going to work together, during your first few weeks, you will mostly assist me and my colleagues in our work and learn. Then, once you gain confidence in the tools and languages that you will be using, you will start working on small tasks until you are capable enough to work by yourself. The salary may vary depending on your skillset

Must be able to work fulltime during Europe working hours.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Required skills:
- basic knowledge of frontend development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
- basic knowledge of backend development in any programming language (ideally Node.js)
- basic knowledge of Git
- basic knowledge of Sql
- fluent english

Nice to have, but not mandatory:
- basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React
- basic knowledge of Blockchain, Solidity, Rust
Skills Required:
Web Development
Javascript Level 1
React Level 1
Programming & IT
Node.js Level 1
MongoDB Level 1