Job Details
Revenue Optimization Analyst
Posted: 08/01/2022
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Who you are
We’re looking for a revenue analyst who can assist in building key market and pricing strategies by identifying opportunities for incremental revenue through analyses and tactical actions based on market segments, demand, positioning, etc.
What we can offer you
  • The opportunity to join a team that is highly passionate about continually improving and expanding our transport options globally
  • As a global, multicultural company, we value each Jayride team members unique perspectives, work experience and culture

***Please make sure to attach a copy of your most recent CV***
Roles & Responsibilities:
What you’ll be responsible for:
  • Work closely with the Revenue Optimization Manager to identify opportunities
  • Delivering revenue optimization results
  • Support the sales team by providing guidance on where to focus efforts to effectively grow our transport offerings.
  • Build insights and opportunities from our vast BI quote data, transport data and competitor research
  • Review competitive set pricing, yield strategies, and analysis of the market and its opportunities
  • Monitor and analyze revenue results from actions taken
Requirements & Qualifications:
What you bring:
  • Exemplary analytical skills, including strong business judgement and the ability to identify and synthesize insights from analysis
  • Experience with BI tools (e.g. Tableau or Microsoft BI)
  • Strong business judgement and the ability to identify opportunities
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to explain your insights
  • The proven ability to contribute through peer collaboration, and sales
  • The ability to identify opportunities, both large and small and provide insights that will serve to underpin the sales teams plans and fulfil the objectives
  • A reliable internet connection and a computer to do your remote work effectively.
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Lead Generation Level 1
Sales Level 1
Marketing Level 1
Email Marketing Level 1
Marketing Strategy Level 1
Leads Level 1
Market Research Level 1
Data Analytics Level 1