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Inbound Sales Rep For Dance Academy (salsa And Bachata)
Posted: 08/01/2022
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
We are a dance academy in Los Angeles that specializes in two styles of dance: salsa and bachata.
We've been running for seven years, but specifically in the past year, with the reputation we've built and a huge influx of people wanting to dance, the academy has grown a lot.
Thanks to the growth, it's time to bring in a rock solid rep to take care of the prospective students who reach out.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Nurture incoming student leads to lead them to register for programs.
There is NO cold-calling.
This is all INBOUND sales - all the people you will speak to are reaching out to us because they already want to learn to dance.
We do NOT do high-pressure sales. In fact, the process is hardly sales at all, but rather just helping answer their questions and leading them in the right direction.
Furthermore, our reputation online is rock solid, which makes it much easier to lead the prospects to join programs.
Our culture on the phone is CASUAL and FUN. Our mission on the phone is simply to give the prospects authentic, human to human connection just like they're on the phone with their best friend. We throw away the corporate formalities to give our prospects a very different experience on the phone.
We already have strategies and scripts that we've been using for years and are proven to work very well - you will be trained in exactly how to take care of the prospects.
Specific responsibilities:
  • Answer incoming calls
  • Respond to incoming emails and SMS to set up calls
  • Follow up at appropriate times as needed until prospects register (often followup is not needed)
  • Help prospects come check out classes for free before joining the programs
  • Help prospects determine whether private lessons or group programs are better for them
  • Track all communications meticulously in the CRM
This is a part-time role, but students call, email or text at all hours, seven days per week. The faster you're able to respond to students, the more likely they are to join programs. Flexibility in the schedule is needed.
Payment is base pay + commission
Requirements & Qualifications:
  • Perfect written English
  • Strong spoken English. Accent is okay as long as grammar is solid.
  • Phone experience in a professional environment mandatory
  • Sales experience desired
  • Confidence on the phone
  • Meticulous attention to details
  • Enjoys speaking with people - able to build rapport quickly and easily
  • 100% dependable with following through and following up
  • Good at thinking quickly on your feet
  • Pro-active, independent thinker - goes above and beyond to find the best way to do things
  • Growth mindset - always looking for ways to get better
You do not need to know anything about dance, although it will help if you are interested in dance since you'll be learning some basic information about it.
Include this phrase in the first line of your proposal so that I know you've read the posting: "Purple cars are interesting."
No need to try to write fancy English when you apply. Just show me effective communication with simple, straightforward English. 
1. Number of hours available per week
2. What specific hours can you be available each day? (Convert to PST time zone)
3. Write a brief summary of your experience on the phones. What were your roles and for how long?
4. Your resume 
Please do NOT email or message on social media. Your application will be disqualified. Only apply through here. Don’t worry - I read every application. 
Looking forward to meeting you!
- Danny
Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Telephone Handling Level 3
Email Handling Level 1
Sales & Marketing
Sales Level 1