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Lead Generation Associate American Expat
Posted: 12/01/2022
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Our Company:
Real Estate Project Solutions (REPS) helps real estate professionals across the USA scale their businesses through outsourcing. We offer talent placement, recruiting, and fully managed staffing solutions for small to medium-sized companies. Our capabilities include hiring, training, and management for work in the areas of lead generation, acquisitions, dispositions, administrative, finance/accounting, property management, and agent assistant work to name a few. We can typically handle any tasks you can think of so long as they can be performed remotely. Our team consists of professionals from the US and abroad.
The Core Values of REPS are Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, and Drive.
Job Overview:
REPS is seeking highly motivated individuals to be our Cold Caller.
We need someone who is skilled in establishing connections through phone conversations with a possible buyer or seller. He/she will be provided with a script to qualify lead interest, get property details, and availability for a callback. The goal is to generate leads and schedule appointments daily.
This is permanent work from home.
Your workplace should be quiet and away from any background noise or sound.
We work during US business hours and days.
This position is only open to a full-time job and long-term career!

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Roles & Responsibilities:
Duties and Responsibilities (but not limited to)
• Prospect buyer or seller by call, text, and email on a daily basis from various lead sources.
• Respond to inbound leads from all lead sources
• Schedule appointments with at least 4 motivated sellers/buyers per week.
• Input/manage client & lead databases
• Conduct lead follow-up & nurture leads until appointments are set
• Follow the Client's criteria and requirements
Requirements & Qualifications:
• American Expat
• Phone sales experience (minimum 6 months of outbound sales)
•US Real Estate knowledge and experience is a plus.
• Not afraid to ask questions and make decisions.
•Can easily adapt to changes.
• Punctuality and reliability are essential and trustworthiness in a remote environment.
•Results-driven, hungry for customer acquisition, and passionate about contributing to top-line revenue growth.
System requirements:
• 2 Fully Functioning Desktop/Laptop (1 for Backup)
• Windows 10 [64 Bit Only] or higher
• 8 GB RAM is required
• Intel Core i3-2365 M Gen 2 Processor (equivalent) or Higher
• USB Headset with Noise-Cancelling Feature
• Wired internet connection of 15 Mbps speed or more
• Backup internet connection of 15 Mbps speed or more
• A workstation away from any noise and distractions is required
• Backup for Power Outage - Generator/UPS or Alternative Location
• Webcam at least 5 Megapixels
• An acceptable PING is around the 2ms-40ms mark or lower
• UPLOAD SPEED should be equal to or faster than your Download Speed. You may contact your ISP provider if it doesn't meet this
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Lead Generation Level 3
Customer Service
Phone Support Level 3
Customer Support Level 3
Administrative Support
Telephone Handling Level 3