Job Details
Assistant To Company Founder
Posted: 09/23/2022
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
This is an entry level job, that comes with an 8-hour trial (paid 40 USD) and may end with first hour (where you will be paid 5 USD).
I am a renowned linguist from Slovenia, operating my language company in Europe and USA. 

I am just now building a new language school system and I will need you to watch me work and try to assist.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Your first responsibility will be to turn on time, watch me work and start learning the tools I am using and show me if you could be my partner in what I do.
Requirements & Qualifications:
There are no specific qualifications I am looking for. 

I want you to be eager to get the job and start the trial.
Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Virtual Assistant Level 3
Admin Assistant Level 3
Finance & Management
Business Development Level 2