Job Details
Graphic Designer
Posted: 11/22/2022
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Jobs Goal/Mission:
Your eventual goal will be to keep our CPC’s as low as possible and “saving” products that without fresh content would not be able to be sold profitably.
All this by delivering amazing image creatives.

Roles & Responsibilities:
The Job:

Your Job will consist in creating image creatives for all the products that we will assign you.
Image creatives will be created following our general rules, but what to do exactly, in most cases will be completely up to you.
You will always need to choose the most appealing images and put them together in order to create an appealing image AD that sells.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Photoshop expert-Blending/Merging Images PRO
-A Perfect English level is required
-Very experienced in photoshop(3+years of experience needed)
-Have a good computer
-Have a fast internet connection
-Truly Interested in a long term job position, at least for 3+ years
-Available at least 40 hours a week
KINDLY NOTE: ALL the requirements are mandatory, please don't apply if you do not fit perfectly because we will not consider your application.

KINDLY NOTE(2): Before hiring you there will be a test that will measure your editing skills, please do not apply if you are not an expert with photoshop
Skills Required:
Design & Multimedia
Graphic Design Level 5
Photoshop Level 5
Photo Editing Level 5