Job Details
Sales Associate For High-ticket Property Management Clients
Posted: 05/01/2023
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are a growing real estate investment and management company focusing on short-term rentals. We envision a world of new discoveries, shared experiences, and personal choice. We hire based on potential for future leadership, and do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, gender, sexual preference, or disability unrelated to the job.

We are hiring a full-time Sales Associate to help us close high-ticket management or lease contracts with property owners. This role requires top-tier English communication skills, the ability to instill trust and safety with our service, and close high-ticket contracts.

Our company comprises 25+ remote and onsite employees.


1) Career Growth: We only hire future leaders who can potentially become company executives.

2) High Commissions: Each contract is "high-ticket" with no limit to the contracts you can deliver.

3) Fast-moving Company: We will 1-2 markets per year, launch a franchise, launch new services, and build new technology. Every sale changes the trajectory.

4) Coaching: Work directly with CEO, an experienced business owner, Harvard alumnus, and former Manager and CPA at a top consulting firm.
COMPENSATION: Base + Commission typical for outsourced roles in Asia, Latin America, or certain parts of Europe.

SHIFT: 9am-5pm EST with possible off-shift calls/email to close deals.


1) Give 2-3 sentences summarizing your sales experience and the results you achieved over what period. Specify the average contract value.

2) Send a voice sample introducing yourself and mention "Short Term Vacation Rentals"

3) Provide a resume.

4) Please provide 2-3 recent work references.

5) Confirm you are OK with the shift and compensation range.

6) How many clients do you currently work with? What work do you do for them? Will you keep any?

7) What is your internet speed (download and upload speed)? What type of internet is it (Coax, fiber, antenna)? Please share a speed test screenshot.

8) What tools do you like to use for sales? What unique features do you want to use that have been important for your role?
Roles & Responsibilities:
You will be responsible for delivering new property management or lease contracts by utilizing and improving our multi-channel outreach program, and executing on every lead brought in to win the contract.

We expect 1-2 closed deals per month.

The sales channels are emails, phone, text, using a script we've developed, but which you can tweak. The leads are targeted and we do not utilize robo-dialing or cold calls.
- Phone or email outreach to targeted leads
- Phone or email replies to inbound leads, with the goal of converting to signed contracts.
- Harness relationships with larger leads that have many properties (monthly, yearly).
- Maintain status of outreach, conversion, and lead status on our sales CRM and sales calendar.
- Present results during weekly status meeting.
- Implement ways to improve, automate, and increase our reach, conversions, and closes.
Requirements & Qualifications:
- Impeccable English speaking skills (native or fluent).
- Optional: Prior high-ticket sales experience (e.g. $50K per deal)
- Optional: 2+ years phone sales closing experience for a US-based company.
Skills Required:
Writing & Content
English Punctuation Level 5
Customer Service
Phone Support Level 5
Sales & Marketing
Sales Level 5