Job Details
Website Developer
Posted: 05/22/2023
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are looking for a bright, enthusiastic, hard-working front-end web developer to help build our best in industry website products.
This position would include building websites in HTML, CSS, and Javascript while communicating with clients on the process of the project from start to finish. Every day you would have full communication with the Project Manager and Web Development Team for any questions or help you need. We are looking for someone who has exceptional communication skills and has a team player momentum when it comes to getting projects completed.
Roles & Responsibilities:
● Build websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript
● Provide customer service while interacting with customers via email
during website reviews & launches
● Launch websites by changing nameservers in the domain registrar
● Meet timelines for Website Builds
● Use ---------- a project management software to keep up with tasks
Requirements & Qualifications:
● Proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
● Bootstrap
● Knowledge of SEO practices in web development
● Familiarity with DNS and changing nameservers to launch websites
● Familiarity with ---------- or similar project management software
● Strong email and instant messaging communication skills
● Strong organizational and time management skills
Skills Required:
Web Development
HTML Level 3
CSS Level 3
Javascript Level 2
Google Analytics Level 1
Programming & IT
Bootstrap Level 3
Website Management Level 3
Customer Service
Customer Support Level 3
Administrative Support
Time Management Level 3
Sales & Marketing
SEO Level 2
Web Host & Server Management
DNS Level 1