Job Details
Real Estate Cold Calling Specialist with Bonus Pay
Posted: 06/01/2023
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
As a Homeowner Outreach Specialist at our company, you will play a key role in our acquisition efforts. You will be responsible for initiating contact with homeowners, gauging their interest in selling their property, and introducing them to the range of real estate services we provide.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Contacting homeowners through cold calls and emails
  • Presenting our company to potential sellers
  • Identifying homeowner needs and suggesting suitable solutions
  • Proactively seeking new property acquisition opportunities in the market
  • Setting up meetings or calls between (prospective) sellers and our acquisitions team
  • Reporting to the acquisitions manager on outreach results
  • Nurturing relationships with potential sellers
This role requires excellent communication skills, a persuasive nature, and a passion for real estate. The ideal candidate is a quick learner with a positive attitude who can work independently while also collaborating with our acquisitions team.
If you have a knack for sales, a passion for real estate, and a drive to help homeowners explore their selling options, we would like to meet you. Join us and help us expand our property portfolio and achieve our business goals.
Roles & Responsibilities:
As our Homeowner Outreach Specialist, you will be expected to:
  1. Cold Calling: Conduct outbound cold calls to homeowners in our target market. This includes understanding the script, handling objections, and effectively communicating our value proposition to prospective sellers.
  2. Lead Generation: Identify potential property acquisition opportunities through extensive market research. Update and maintain a database of contacts, leads, and client information.
  3. Client Engagement: Build and nurture relationships with potential sellers, guiding them through their selling options and answering any queries they may have about the process or our services.
  4. Coordination with Acquisitions Team: Work closely with our acquisitions team to ensure a smooth transition from the initial contact stage to the property evaluation and offer stage. This includes setting up meetings and calls between homeowners and the acquisitions team.
  5. Reporting and Tracking: Keep accurate records of calls, sales, and note useful information in our customer relationship management (CRM) system. Regularly report on your outreach efforts and results to the acquisitions manager.
  6. Market Knowledge: Stay updated on real estate trends, market activities, and competitor strategies in the regions we operate in. Use this knowledge to inform your approach to homeowner outreach.
  7. Professional Development: Continually improve your sales skills, real estate knowledge, and understanding of our services. Participate in relevant training and professional development opportunities.
Requirements & Qualifications:
  1. Experience: Proven experience in a similar role, such as telemarketing, sales, or real estate is preferred. Experience with CRM software and telephone systems is a plus.
  2. Communication Skills: Excellent verbal communication skills. You must be comfortable making cold calls, dealing with objections, and persuading others. Strong written communication skills are also essential for record keeping and email communication.
  3. Negotiation Skills: Ability to negotiate and understand the needs of homeowners. You should be able to present our services in a way that meets the needs of the homeowner and aligns with our business objectives.
  4. Real Estate Knowledge: Basic understanding of the real estate market and selling process is preferred. You should be willing to continually learn and adapt to changes in the market.
  5. Self-Motivated: You must be driven and able to work independently. This role involves proactive outreach and self-management of your sales pipeline.
  6. Teamwork: Ability to collaborate effectively with our acquisitions team and other stakeholders in the company.
  7. Computer Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Excel and Word. Experience with CRM software is a plus.
  8. Professionalism: Ability to maintain a professional demeanor and uphold the company's reputation when interacting with potential sellers.
  9. Ethics: Strong ethics and a transparent approach to work. You should respect the privacy and decisions of homeowners and represent our company in a manner that is honest and respectful.
Skills Required:
Writing & Content
Communications Level 3
Finance & Management
Negotiation Level 3
Administrative Support
Time Management Level 3
Internet Research Level 3
Data Entry Level 3