Job Details
Posted: 08/29/2023
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Rapidly growing construction company seeks experienced telemarketer to call on home owners who are facing scenarios that would entice them to sell their properties.  We obtain weekly leads from property owners who are facing foreclosure, divorce, probate, etc.  These are warm leads that also receive an e-mail &/or text message prior to your phone call.  
Roles & Responsibilities:
Ideal candidate will have adequate English speaking skills in order to clearly communicate to the perspective seller our intent to acquire or team up to develop their land.  We provide a standard, simple script to entice home owners to sell their properties.
Requirements & Qualifications:
Minimum telemarketing experience is required, must have a friendly voice, ability to overcome adversity and a general, overall, happy demeanor.  
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Telemarketing Level 2
Sales & Lead Generation Level 2
Writing & Content
Communications Level 2