Job Details
Shop Customer Service
Posted: 09/22/2023
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
Welcome to the SMM agency team. Our agency works with numerous online stores globally. We promote our clients and act as the intermediary between online stores and their customers.
We're seeking an outgoing and responsive operator. Your main objective will be to communicate with customers and keep their orders recorded.
What we offer:
We provide a brief,. We will explain how to work with customers and transfer their orders to the supply store.
You will earn a fixed payment of $1.5 plus 0.7% of the order amount per confirmed order.
You can work flexibly and make your own schedule according to your personal and professional needs. You will need to work at least three hours at your convenience.
Roles & Responsibilities:
What you will do:

- Interact with customers to answer
their questions and provide information about our services and products.
- Receive orders from customers and
pass them on to the online store where they ordered.
- Create a friendly environment for customers
and assist them in any way possible.
Requirements & Qualifications:
You must be outgoing, friendly, tactful, patient, have a minimum of intermediate level of English, The work will be done through instagram, you need to download this application
Skills Required:
Customer Service
Chat Support Level 1
Order Processing Level 1
Customer Support Level 1