Job Details
Customer Experience - Sales & Service - Full Time Role
Posted: 06/06/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are looking for incredible people to join our client facing team. We are looking for people who think outside the box and don't think of themselves as "customer service/call center" people - but rather who think of themselves as strategic, persuasive people who are amazing at making other people feel inspired, cared for and committed. This is not a traditional role where you follow detailed scripts and perform extremely structured tasks. This is a sales and coaching role where you will get to know our customers deeply and build long-term relationships and support them with their success. You MUST be able to close sales, deal with people's oppositions and get people to do behavior that is good for them - even if they don't want to do it. Think of our business as Weight Watchers for small business - and your role is to get them to a) sign up for the program to help them hit their goals, and b) hold them accountable to staying on track with our program so that they hit the goals they set. If you are amazing we would love to hear from you! We are hiring fast so apply soon. :)
Roles & Responsibilities:
Lead Prospective & Current Clients Through our experience
○ Understand the voice, tone, professionalism and brand of Silver Lining and use that to interact with clients
○ Nurture meaningful relationship with prospects and clients
○ Persuade leads / clients (using motivation, data and case studies) to address their business needs with the right SLAProgram (from our suite of programs)
○ Be an expert in setting up prospects with their SLAProgram using Silver Lining’s BUY resources
○ Meet or exceed personal / team targets for monthly sign-ups and renewals ---------- Silver Lining - SLAPassistant - Sales & Customer Service Rockstar
○ Schedule and complete client onboarding calls, send personal welcome email, assign SLAPexpert (our methodology experts), schedule SLAPexpert calls and logistics (based on SLAProgram)
○ Establish a safe and confidential environment for clients
○ Go the distance to make sure that the clients’ SLAPexperiences are enjoyable and productive
○ Facilitate clients’ journeys through their SLAPrograms by proactively monitoring their engagement, setting up and having calls with them, assessing their “stuck” moments, and arming them with support / resources to be continuously engaged in their SLAPrograms
○ Demonstrate confidence in working with clients who are unengaged ○ Understand and operate on the urgency and priority of the type of issues and address client issues / concerns accordingly
○ Be assertive in internal communication regarding the status of clients

Document Everything
○ Be an expert in Agile CRM (our CRM tool) and SLAPcenter and SLAPcenter Admin (our proprietary software)
○ Get aligned on the processes and timelines required to document everything related to the client journey based on interactions, etc.
  • Become an expert in our CRM using capabilities (in conjunction with Silver Lining processes, guidelines and timelines) including but not limited to:
  • Managing contacts (searching, creating, tagging, history, etc.)
  • Managing sales/deals (creating, assigning to contacts, qualifying, closing, etc.)
  • Managing tickets (creating, assigning, delegating, prioritizing, resolving, escalating, etc.)
■ SLAPcenter and TAPcenter Admin
  • Be able to confidently walk clients through our systems
  • Review and assess all information on the client (plan details, client interaction notes - CINs, SLAPexpert hours used, success metrics, log-in activity, etc.) prior to engaging him/her on a call
  • Work in tandem with SLAPexperts to ensure that all client interactions notes are up to date
  • Proactively monitor other areas of client accounts 
Requirements & Qualifications:
  • Passionate about small business!
  • Excited to join a virtual team - who will value the freedom it offers, will be self-disciplined that the work gets done without constant supervision and who will be a true team player
  • Extremely detail oriented and meticulous about following processes
  • Tech savvy and can use tools like Zoom, Google Apps and all of our other online tools efficiently
  • Have great sales skills and are able to get our small businesses signed up for our program!
  • Have great people skills and are able to build a relationship and make our small business clients feel completely supported
  • Able to work business hours in Eastern Standard Time
  • Fluent written and spoken English as you will be in regular email and phone conversations
  • Able to work full time hours - and committed to not taking on other projects as this is a full time opportunity
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Sales Level 5
Telemarketing Level 4
Customer Service
Customer Support Level 5
Chat Support Level 4
Administrative Support
Time Management Level 4
Email Handling Level 4
Data Entry Level 4
Calendaring Level 4