Job Details
Finance & HR Manager
Posted: 06/06/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Do you care a lot about People and love the idea of spending ALL of your time thinking about how to make our people happy and effective?
Do you love profit and really get juiced up thinking about spending ALL of your time maximizing our financial model and really figuring out how to manage our cashflow, income and expenses in order to maximize profit - while also ensuring that we continue to increase our value to our clients??
If you love the idea of thinking about People and Profit all day long - then this is the job for you!   We are looking for a mid level manager to join our growing team.
We work remotely -but we are all full time, all in, fully dedicated team members who are on a mission to build an amazing company that has a huge impact in the world.  We need someone to come in and take over all of our HR and Finance and build our systems and processes in these areas that will take our business to the next level.
This job is for you if you are experienced, savvy, a hustler, strategic AND looking for a new job that will come with a lot of responsibility, authority and opportunity!
Roles & Responsibilities:
Strategic Oversight
  • Oversee strategy of Financial Model and implement new ideas to increase effectiveness of it
  • Oversee strategy of Team Performance and implement additional ideas as per needs of the team
  • Oversee strategy of Team Culture and implement additional ideas as per needs of the team
  • Prepare, innovate and create team conversations around State of the Silver Union on a monthly basis
Management of Automation and Standardization of core Processes & Compliance
  • Finance/Compliance
    • State Reporting 
    • Federal Reporting
    • Quarterly Fillings
    • Annual Filings
  • Finance/Operations
    • Cashflow Reports
    • AR
    • AP
    • Payroll
    • Monthly Financial Reports (P&L, Balance Sheet)
    • Cost Management
    • Vendor Management 
  • HR/Compliance
    • Policies
    • Contracts & Agreements (different employment structures and locations)
    • Department of Labour Compliance
  • HR/Performance
    • Deliverables
    • Roles/Goals
    • Recruiting
    • Hiring
    • Training 
      • SLAPu / Onboarding / Certification
      • Ongoing
  • HR/Culture
    • Book Club
    • Wellness Program
    • Events/Birthdays/Anniversaries
Requirements & Qualifications:
-Minimum 5 Years experience working in finance and HR
-Proven ability and training to do all bookkeeping for the company
-Proven ability and experience to manage cashflow reports
-Proven skill building simple processes and systems that help make teams and companies work more efficiently
-Experience and results with cost management
-Skills to work with accountant on all compliance and tax preparation
-Understanding of employee and contractor compliance
-Proven results in helping to develop a company's culture
-Proven results in helping to develop a team's overall performance
Skills Required:
Business Services
Bookkeeping Level 5
Payment Processing Level 5
HR / Payroll Level 5
Recruiting Level 4
Project Management Level 4
Legal Level 3
Health Benefits Level 3
Statistical Analysis Level 3
Accounting Level 1
General Computer Skills
Team Player Level 5