Job Details
Part-time Website Developer
Posted: 02/10/2020
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
We are a fast growing Internet marketing firm seeking a remote web developer. With our company, there is ample room to grow and take on additional hours, should that be of interest. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
Responsibilities include uploading blog posts, optimizing images, optimizing meta titles and descriptions and handling various website updates. We are looking for someone to work ~20 hours per week.  
Requirements & Qualifications:
  • Candidate must be very familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. 
  • Candidate must be prompt and reliable. We've had scheduling issues in the past with previous developers, so we prefer you set specific days and times each week where you will sign on promptly, make yourself available to our team and actively work on our projects. 
  • Candidate must be a self-motivated problem solver. Your initial tasks with us will be fairly simple, but that will change over time. Your ability to adapt and find or create solutions to problems is a skill we highly value. 
Skills Required:
Web Development
PHP Level 3
Javascript Level 3
HTML Level 3
CSS Level 3