Job Details
Vertical Messaging App - React Native Mobile App With Pubnub
Posted: 05/30/2018
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
CommPoint is building a mobile communication platform for law enforcement. We need your help to deliver the MVP. We would like to use React Native for iOS / Android apps and leverage PubNub for the server. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
This is a startup and you will be working with non-technical founders. We Have detailed specifications, user flows, and mockups that we will ask you to implement.
Requirements & Qualifications:
You should be able to show us your completed applications in React and describe the development processes you used. You should have familiarity with deploying using CI and AWS.
Skills Required:
Mobile Applications
React Native Level 4
Programming & IT
Pubnub Level 4
Web Host & Server Management
AWS Level 3