Job Details
Online Conversion Seo Specialist
Posted: 06/09/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Please read carefully before applying 
We are looking for a talented SEO, who has a proven track record in conversion traffic.
  1. Proven track record of getting the SEO results and bringing converions to both service and product enquiries and online sales
  2. 5 + years of experience
  3. Experience with current SEO trends, on-site and off-site SEO
  4. Can set up and manage google console all websmaster tool 
  5. Experience in marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Optimising YouTube videos and working with other social media platforms
  6. Needs to be able to clean up the site and work with site
  7. Needs to be able to remove bad backlinks and clean up bad SEO on sites
  8. Important - Excellent copywriting skills in British English – for SEO copywriting
  9. Skill to manage campaigns in Ireland, UK, Europe, Asia and Globally
  10. Ability to monitor and manage SEO campaigns in non-English countries.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Please read carefully before applying 
  1. Manage over 20 accounts in any one give month 
  2. Manage 20 accounts along with a team seo, copywriter
  3. Can give 20 to 30% growth per month 
  4. manage google console and all aspects of webmaster tools 
  5. work with systems and also implement systems on google sheets to automate them to save time and energy.
  6. Assess current websites and conversion data, identify the issue and correct the issues t bring the desired results. 
Requirements & Qualifications:
  • Must have experience and proven track record in analyzing online presence and developing  a plan and executing a strategy bring measure conversions in leads and online sales. 
  • must have knowledge and reverent tool for seo 
  • Workers ethic:
    • Correct time management
    • Must be able to work within timelines given
    • Must be able to take order and plan tasks with his/hers own initiative
    • Must be able to work within a team,
    • Must have experience in project management
  • Cacandidate needs to have:
    - Access to high speed internet
    - Computer access
    - Microphone and web
    - Google calendar knowledge
    - Excel knowledge
    - Google docs knowledge
    - Excellent communication skills; Knowledge of English language, both written and spoken;
Skills Required:
Software Development
Web Analytics Level 5
Sales & Marketing
Social Media Optimization Level 5
Link Building Level 5
SEO Level 5
Analytics Level 5
Optimization Level 5
SEO Auditing Level 4
Account Management Level 4
Google Webmaster Central Level 4
SEM / Adwords Level 3