Job Details
PHP Back-End Developer (100% remote)
Posted: 08/14/2018
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
This is a 100% remote position. Since all of our current dev team is in Asia or Europe,  we prefer to hire people from Europe and Asia for more effective team collaboration. And so it is unlikely (although not impossible) that we will hire in north or south america.
You will be working from home with mostly flexible hours although  you must be available to attend the team meeting which is at approximately 8:30am GMT and to work for 3 hours after this time.
Also, company-wide, everyone in our company uses our own time tracking software called Time Doctor while at work. It is our very own time tracking and monitoring software. It tracks our time at work which will be the basis for payroll. Only hours logged in the software will be considered for payment. It tracks time, has screenshots of work done and also tracks website and app usage when working. It does not track any activity when on a break.
Everyone in our company including the CEO and all management uses our own product Time Doctor to track time while working.
Please research this software and make sure you fully understand it so you know what we do as a company before applying. You can read more about our software here - ----------.html
Feel free to ask any questions about this.
Roles & Responsibilities:
You will be working in a team of around 10 other developers. You primary areas of work will be:
  1. Work on Symfony back-end infrastructure developing new features and improvements
  2. Work on complex code refactoring and database queries
  3. Work on developing REST services communicating with React JS apps
  4. Work on developing back-end modules / services part of the whole product infrastructure
  5. Work with databases with millions of records and hundreds of thousands of requests per day.
  6. Get involved into continuous integration processes, different branching models for version control and strict coding standards.
  7. Work on highly scalable cloud infrastructure including multiple instances connected by load balancers for traffic distribution
  8. Solve complex bugs often quite quickly
  9. Document codes on a good level
Requirements & Qualifications:
  1. PHP , at least 5+ years in building web based applications with high level of abstraction.
  2. MVC and Symfony frameworks
  3. Knowing how the core of MySQL is working, making decisions about the storage engines, database structure and scalability of the database
  4. Building DDD oriented architecture
  5. Optimization of code, database performance and  improvements
  1. Basic understanding of any Javascript Framework but preferably React
  2. Good understanding and experience with MongoDB or other noSQL databases
  3. Continuous integration and how it works
  4. Amazon services like EC2, RDS, CloudFront work and how they work
To apply for this job, please answer the following questions and send your answers to ---------- .
1. What is the Scope Resolution Operator? Write the letter of the correct answer.
a) &=
b) !::
c) ::
2. What will be the output of the code? Write the letter of the correct answer.
$pattern= ‘# \w*?[aeiou]{2}\w*? #’;
$string = “There’s a lion loose in the Maister park”;
$matches= array();
preg_match_all($pattern, $string, $matches);
a) Array (     [0] => Array         (             [0] =>  lion              [1] =>  Maister          )  )
b) Array (     [0] => Array         (             [0] =>  Maister             [1] =>  park          )  )
c) Array (     [0] => Array         (             [0] =>  There              [1] =>  Maister          )  )
3. What is your expected MONTHLY salary, in your local currency, for this full time , long term job?
4. Can you work full time for 40 hours per week and attend daily team meetings starting at approximately 8:30am GMT then continue working for at least 3 hours after this time for team collaboration?
Skills Required:
Programming & IT
Symfony PHP Level 5
MVC Level 5
Web Development
PHP Level 5
MySQL Database Level 5
React Level 5