Job Details
Partnership Manager
Posted: 06/06/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
We are looking for a Senior Partner Manager to join our growing global team. This is a full time, long-term position. You would join a very passionate, very committed team who all work remotely but who invests heavily in our shared mission to help small business owners succeed.   
Only apply if you are looking for an experience to advance your career and management/leadership skills. This is not a freelance position.
Roles & Responsibilities:
Partner Team Leadership
  • Drive Partner Manager huddles and agenda
  • Roles/Goals happen seamlessly with all Partner Managers that report directly into you
  • Partner Team Expertise
    • Team Knowledge Bank- the person who knows what to do and is the first question point for PMs
    • The first level of escalation - when a PM can’t do call on their own
    • Available for new Partner Managers to shadow work 
    • Take on the tougher Deals and use the experience to help get them closed
    • Take Team Leader role in the higher number of Deals and Partner Management
  • Moral and culture leader within the team
  • Lead by example by working hard and hitting goals and fully representing our Professional Standards

Relentless Pursuit of SLAPster Success!  

  • Look at all work through the lens of "how do we help more small business owners set and hit their growth goals and build more profitable sustainable businesses"?
  • Constantly learn and re-learn all elements from Partner Manager Certification - know the information inside and out
  • Become a lifelong learner of Proactive Persuasive Support- understand how to apply behavior change psychology to creating real connections with people in order to persuade them to do what they need to do in order to succeed
  • Based on feedback received from Partners constantly submit Suggestion Box items with ways that we can improve all that we do
  • Stay laser focused all day long on doing activities that will help small business owners around the world build the businesses of their dreams

Represent Silver Lining's Values

  • As one of the only front line teams at Silver Lining - take very seriously the responsibility of representing Silver Lining's values and culture
  • Show up on time to all interactions with Partners
  • Be fully prepared for any/all Partner interactions
  • Always do what you say you will 
  • Be warm, friendly, fun and truly "Silver Lining" - as one of our G&E team members once said  - "channel Carissa's passion and energy on every call"
  • Hold strong to our systems, processes, and standards and, with grace and skill, practice Proactive Persuasive Support to ensure Partners do what we know they need to do so that we can all succeed

GROW the number of Partners we have
  • Research and build lists of new Partners
  • Support the Deals process with scheduling, follow-ups, proposal writing and sending relevant materials
  • Source, pitch and close Franchise/Brokerage, Shared Workspace/Incubator, Non-Profit/Gov and Private Business/Professional Services Vertical Partners

GROW the number of SLAPsters we have through Partnerships

  • DRIVE Partner towards success for any Outreach Campaigns being activated to their networks
  • DRIVE Partner to always launch the next/ongoing Outreach Campaigns
  • Ensure that all Outreach Campaigns created are high quality and convert at a 40% Deals -> Sign Ups Conversion Rate
    • Work with Brand & Comms team to get out of Prep Mode for any/all Outreach Campaign within a week  
    • Work closely with Partners to ensure they are doing everything they committed to hitting the Reach and Contacts goals
    • Consistently monitor, iterate and maximize Active Follow Up in order to hit your Sign Ups goals
    • Follow the Outreach Campaign Silver Standards and work closely with the Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations to ensure that you are consistently creating Outreach Campaigns that are successful and follow standard, scalable process

Manage the Partner Ideal Client Journey and create a strong Partner Experience

  • Ensure signed Partner Agreement is on file
  • Manage logistics to create and launch Partnership Video
  • Work with Manager, Growth & Experience to produce monthly Partner Reports
  • Schedule and attend monthly or bi-monthly meetings to review SLAPsnapshots, progress towards goals and ultimately ensure that the Partner is engaged, happy and the Partnership is growing.

Internal Liaising & Processes

  • Work with Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations to ensure Partner Launch happens flawlessly
  • Work with Manager, Growth & Experience to ensure the messaging in the SLAPsnapshots is correct each month 
  • Take full responsibility for driving results for all Outreach Campaigns you generate through Partnerships
  • Ensure that all Partnerships created to bring us the right SLAPsters - and that our SILVER Funnel Success and Renewal rates are upheld through all Partnerships.
Requirements & Qualifications:
-5 Years experience in Business Development & Sales
-5 Years experience in Account Management
-Proven track record of success in growing sales and performance of a team
-Management level experience in previous jobs
-History and knowledge of Small Business (because of personal experience or working in another company that had small business clients)
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Lead Generation Level 4
Sales Level 4
Account Management Level 4
Administrative Support
Office Admin Level 3
Time Management Level 3
Calendaring Level 3
Business Services
Business Consulting Level 3