Job Details
Global Network Coordinator
Posted: 12/04/2018
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Our Growth & Experience Team is the heart of our business.    This is a global team that does all of the front line work to support our global network of partners and small business clients.   This team builds relationships, manages relationships and ensures that there is success created for all involved.
We are hiring a Coordinator who will support the team as a whole.   You need to be someone who is extremely personable and can build instant rapport with anyone you speak with - but also extremely detail oriented and the type of person who gets great satisfaction out of hitting a deadline and/or doing a quality audit to make sure we have hit all of our deadlines.   You must love the idea of helping people succeed and be totally excited about the idea that you will spend your entire day doing the behind the scenes work that will help your fellow teammates and all of our partners and clients win.  You win when they win!   You are a people person who loves admin.   A go-getter who gets joy when all the t's have been crossed and the i's have been dotted.   You love being a part of a fun and vibrant team and being a key member of that team and also get great joy out of the fact that your role is to make that team hum with all of your operations and efficiency and administrative prowess!
Roles & Responsibilities:
Appointment Setting
-Reaching out to potential partners for the business and working to get appointments set up for the management team 
-Managing conversations and follow up with partners and scheduling next steps / next meetings
Proposal Preparation
-Working with our standard proposal templates - supporting management team to prepare proposals and follow ups after each meeting with a potential partner
CRM Updating
-Ensuring that all details from any new conversations had with partners or other external relations are properly documented on a daily basis in our CRM
-Manage incoming telephone and email requests from people interested in connecting with our team
-Coordinate logistics and details for our Growth & Experience Team's team meetings, trainings and any other administrative tasks required to help this team run well
Monthly Reporting
-Work with Finance and Data team to put together and release monthly reports for all of our Partners
Management Team Calendar Management
-Support the management team by managing their calendars and supporting their success overall
Requirements & Qualifications:
-Calendar Management
-Email Management
-Project Management
-Process Management
-Lead sourcing and lead gen
-Report Preparation 
-Quality Assurance (related to process management)
-Strong Communicator
-Hard Worker
-Positive Attitude
-Minimum 5 years in administrative related roles
-Proven experience in outbound / external relationship management
-Proven experience in team administration duties like calendaring/CRM/process management
Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Admin Assistant Level 5
General Office Skills Level 5
Calendaring Level 5
Email Handling Level 5
Daily Checks Level 4
Office Admin Level 4
Time Management Level 4