Job Details
Home Based Telephone Software Support Agent
Posted: 05/04/2021
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Please ensure that you enter the word ‘Tech Job’ at the top of your reply and read the full advert – if you don’t your application will not be processed.
We are looking for several professional, dynamic software support agents, with good communication, PC and English language  skills. You will become part of our permanent home based support team.  Your job is to provide our business customers with help in using their business management software, which they have purchased from us.  As most of our calls are ‘voice’ you must be a fluent English speaker, with a professional, confident and courteous  manner.
This is a permanent position comprising of 39 hours per week, working a 4 week shift system that does include some weekends (Saturday and Sunday). There are 3 shifts in a 24 hour period. A copy of the shift system is available on request.
A starting salary of $650 per month (during your probationary period)  rising to $800 per month after 3 months employment providing you have reached each stage of our tier grading. After 1 yrs employment your salary will rise to $850 per month.
10 days paid holiday per year (after 10 months employment) rising to 15 days after 2 years continuous employment and 20 days after 4 years employment.
3 weeks paid training (paid after 2 months continuous employment).
Roles & Responsibilities:
To provide our customers with professional product support using our software and other PC tasks.  You should have an above average working knowledge of using a PC, this would include the basics of understanding Folders and Drives etc.
Requirements & Qualifications:
You must have your own Fibre Optic Internet connection with a minimum speed of 20 mbps.  NOT a shared Wi-Fi over which you have no control. Please confirm in your reply that you have a Fibre optic connection.  If this question is not answered and not included in your job application, your application will not be processed. You should state the word ‘Fibre Optic’ after the word ‘Tech Job’, in the first line of our reply.
You will need a quiet working area in which you can hold a telephone conversation, without for example children crying, dogs barking, TVs on or excessive traffic noise.
You must be self motivated
Fluent English speaker (you do not have to be a native English speaker)
An above average knowledge of computers and PC Skills
Good people to people skills – with an orientation on customer satisfaction
Previous experience working in telephone customer support role (not scripted answers)
Honest with good time keeping
Have the capacity to learn new things
Able to communicate and explain procedures pleasantly, accurately and efficiently
Skills Required:
Customer Service
Technical Support Level 3
Phone Support Level 3
Customer Support Level 3