Job Details
Project / Process Manager & Quality Control
Posted: 01/14/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Our Growth & Experience Team needs a full time Team Coordinator - which primarily means that you need to know all of the processes and systems related to our entire sale and service delivery and then make 100% sure that a) our team is implementing our systems and processes, b) when we are not, we discover that early and you fix it,  c) we are always building better, more efficient and effective processes to allow for scale without compromising quality and d) we are doing constant quality control and analysis to ensure that we know what is going on at all times.
We are looking for someone who is both incredibly detail oriented and process oriented and also a critical thinker who can think about problems and come up with solutions - ideally before they become problems!
Roles & Responsibilities:
1) Monitoring all of team processes to ensure they are being implemented
2) Daily reporting on key team metrics
3) Management and optimization of CRM
4) Ticket management and dispatch - oversight of all incoming requests from customers and then distribution to the team
5) Constant quality control and assessment of the customer experience
6) Ongoing process optimization based on learnings with a complete focus on ensuring that the customer experience and their success with our program is high
Requirements & Qualifications:
1) Proven ability to build and implement processes that have resulted in a team being able to scale sales and service
2) Superior reporting skills
3) Experience with management of people and projects
4) Ambition for career advancement and growth
5) Passion for small business and a genuine desire to be part of a team helping small businesses succeed
Skills Required:
General Computer Skills
Fast Pace Working Level 4
Team Player Level 4
Business Services
Project Management Level 3
Sales & Marketing
CRM Level 3
Writing & Content
Report Writing Level 3