Job Details
Social media Manager and product photographer
Posted: 12/04/2018
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
Algar Group limited is based in Ascot, UK and owns several product brands that are manufactured and sold internationally. We are looking for a social media manager to create content for Instagram. We will post samples of our products to you to enable you to take creative shots of the product on a regular basis and use these photographs on our social media platforms. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
Social media management, product photography, regular social media posts, basic graphic design and content creation where necessary. Your objective will be to create an engaged customer based on our Instagram account, to gain followers and engage with other relevant Instagram accounts regularly. 
Requirements & Qualifications:
Product photography skills, in depth knowledge of Instagram and ability to create an engaged and growing following on Instagram.
Skills Required:
Administrative Support
Social Media Management Level 5
Sales & Marketing
Social Media Optimization Level 5
Design & Multimedia
Product Photography Level 5