Job Details
Developer: Marketing Department
Posted: 01/09/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
You got what it takes to head the technical development of the Wicked Weasel (swimsuit & lingerie brand) marketing department?
Wicked Weasel, a direct-commerce marketing company, is seeking a Developer for immediate full-time hire to join its robust team of marketers, designers, content creators and technology experts.
Roles & Responsibilities:
This position will work closely with our existing Social Media Managers, Community Manager, Video & Image Specialists, Ebay & Amazon Managers, and Director of Customer Acquisition. The candidate of this role is expected to:
  1. Execute on building, tracking setup, reporting, and troubleshooting of assigned marketing initiatives. This could include:
-building landing pages
-setting up utm codes to integrate with our website
-pulling customer data for particular segments out of our CRM
-testing automated email and push notification campaigns on our staging server
-integrate, test, and troubleshoot new systems with our website (SMS marketing software, new plugins, new marketing widgets etc.)
-create A/B split tests and variations of sales and email funnels
  1. Manage tracking and report on conversions for our social media platforms (Organic, PPC & Social Media Shopfronts)
  2. Setup tracking to monitor results of our social media engagement campaigns & affiliate programs
  3. Troubleshoot tech glitches hindering project success
  4. Help loading content into the blog on our website if required
  5. Support with basic coding for the Amazon/ Ebay platforms if required
  6. Help with installation, and continued operations with the following marketing tools & platforms:
-CallLoop & Skipio
-ManyChat (ChatBot Setup)
Requirements & Qualifications:
Skills & Experience Requirements
  • 3-5 years of proven product development experience in PHP
  • Demonstrable knowledge of web technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Experience in common third-party APIs (Google, Facebook, Ebay etc)
  • Passion for best design and coding practices and a desire to develop new bold ideas
  • BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
Skills & Experience Requirements
  • Minimum 2 years experience in PHP
  • Demonstrable knowledge of web technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript (Build awesome landing pages)
  • Preferred 3-5 years experience on CMS (wordpress and kentico)
  • Expertise in the following marketing softwares (Clickmeter, ContestDomination, CallLoop & Skipio, ManyChat (ChatBot Setup)
  • Expertise in Amazon and Ebay Listings
  • Expertise in Email Marketing (Active Campaign, MailChimp etc)
  • Expertise in Split Testing Tools

Personality Requirements
  • You must, must, MUST be a team player - it’s the highest held value in the department you’ll be part of. We all work in harmony together, so we can all succeed together.
  • A successful candidate will be motivated, love people, be an excellent listener, creative and enjoy fast-paced environments
  • A whiz at problem solving in the name of innovation
  • A LOVE of Learning. Willingness to go through training programs, test out new tools & software & drive to take on new responsibilities as the company grows
  • The kind of person who likes to help others and willing to share knowledge with new people who will be on board in the future and train them to learn the ropes
  • Must be flexible and have the ability to take direction well
  • Natural tendency to keep up with latest trends in tech/online marketing industry
  • Must be open minded and comfortable with the content of the company website, from which swimwear and lingerie products are being showcased by women

Workstation Requirements
Mac or PC with at least 4GB of RAM and stable Internet connection
Work Arrangements:
This role initially requires 40 hours per week while working remotely with an 8-hour block availability from Monday to Friday between 7am to 4pm Philippine time (with an hour’s lunch break). However, this will eventually require you to be in an office based environment in approximately six months time.
Skills Required:
Web Development
PHP Level 4
HTML Level 4
CSS Level 4
Javascript Level 4
Wordpress Level 4
Sales & Marketing
MailChimp Level 4
Amazon Level 4
Email Marketing Level 4
Ebay Level 4