Job Details
iOS Developer for new Construction App (Aussie Co.)
Posted: 01/02/2019
Position: Part Time
About This Job:
We are an Australian construction company located in Melbourne.  We are looking to make an on-demand construction app on iOS.  If you have experience (3+ years) please contact us. Salary will be around $3,600 AUD ($2,500 USD).
Cheers mate.
Roles & Responsibilities:
You will be in charge of iOS Development, mobile management, app store uploads, and anything associated with our iOS app.
Requirements & Qualifications:
3+ years of app development, a knowledge of all the lastest iOS dev. skills. You should be able to management everything to do with our iOS app.
Skills Required:
Mobile Applications
iOS 8 Level 3
iOS Level 3
iOS 7 Level 3