Job Details
Outbound Sales/admin Hourly + Performance Bonus + Profit Sharing
Posted: 02/09/2019
Position: Full Time
About This Job:
Outbound Sales.  The primary responsibility for this position comprises the full sales process from calling pre-qualified warm leads to closing the deal and post-deal follow-up.
We are primarily a real estate and asset recovery company.  This position involves a lot of phone work, putting together offer packages and other paperwork vital to the sales process, as well as coordinating the moving parts within the sales process to assure a successful transaction for the client and the company.
We have two bonus systems to increase your overall pay.  We have a performance bonus and we have a year end bonus driven by company profitability.  Motivated sales professionals can do very well.
I am looking for somebody to grow with our business and be a part of our “family.”  A cheerful but professional phone demeanor as well as good phone etiquette and good communication skills are indispensable to this position.  The successful candidate will possess native level English fluency with little or no accent. 
Roles & Responsibilities:
1.  Call warm leads with the purpose of helping the client out of a difficult situation (the goal is to convince the client to allow us to put together a Purchase Offer culminating in the purchase of the home.)
2.  Confirm research on home and assemble the Purchase Offer Package/paperwork.
3.  Present and follow-up on Purchase Offers to get the client to agree to sell us his/her property.
4.  Put together purchase contract/paperwork and coordinate signing with Notary Public and recordation of deed by the attorney.
5.  List purchased property with realtor.
6.  Coordinate closing on property listed with realtor and create closing documents.
7.  Creation of direct-mail sales campaigns.
8.  Creation and Maintenance of Work Tools.
9.  Aid and coordinate others in the above tasks and responsibilities.
10.  Other task and responsibilities as required.
Requirements & Qualifications:
In addition to sales experience and excellent sales aptitude, the successful candidate will have the following qualifications and Attributes:
  1. Honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and the drive to succeed;
  2. Efficiency and diligence with a desire to do things correctly;
  3. The ability to take and follow directions;
  4. Native English fluency with no or little accent & the ability to communicate and understand instructions;
  5. A cheerful but professional demeanor;
  6. Good communication skills;
  7. Stable electrical service and other utilities;
  8. Fast and stable internet connection capable of supporting internet calling or VOIP;
  9. Your own computer & equipment;
  10. A quiet working environment suitable for concentrating on work and making phone calls;
  11. An environment suitable for keeping all data confidential and the personal ability to conduct oneself in a manner that all data is kept confidential;
  12. Pro-active self-starter with the ability to think on their own and make the best decision; and
  13. Computer literate and able to use Microsoft Office & other business Apps (Word, Excel, Outlook, google sheets, etc.)
Skills Required:
Sales & Marketing
Telemarketing Level 4
Sales Level 4
Administrative Support
Admin Assistant Level 3